Spaced w. SoundCloud

Want that mix from the weekend? Second thoughts about that line-up?

SoundCloud is the word.

An invention of the 21st century which, as co-founder Eric Wahlfross explains, “was born of the realization that sound was an untapped territory on the Web—compared to images, video, and text. We decided to change that.”

And in changing that has managed to transform the way we think about and go about consuming music.

So what’s behind the SoundCloud philosophy?

“Three of the words we try to live by are ‘purpose’, ‘remarkable’, and ‘celebrate’.” A philosophy that has lived to tell the SoundCloud Silicon Alley fairytale.

Their success is sincerely earned. Both Eric and co-founder Alex spent a year using cheap office space, pizza, and programming to achieve what they have till this day. “We believe that anything is achievable if we do it with purpose; we strive to make everything we do remarkable; and we take time to celebrate a job well done.”

And so, with such success where do you go?

While Eric has his plans on the down-low (“We can’t comment on what’s coming down the pipeline, but we’re excited”), you get the feeling that something bigger and better is lurking beneath their world wide web. Meanwhile, their Silicon Alley work ethic will suffice.

“SoundCloud is focused on creating, discovering, and sharing sounds, which makes us uniquely suited to being on mobile because sound is not dependent on a big screen or features that are harder to replicate on a small device.”

Meet Soundcloud.

1. What is your name (or nickname)?


2. When were you born?

Born in 2007. Launched in 2008.

3. Who were you in your past life?

A music and technology obsessive with a dream to unmute the web.

4. What are you doing with your current life?

Allowing everyone to discover original music and audio, connect with each other and share their sounds with the world. And being inspired by the twelve hours of music and audio that are uploaded every minute to my platform.

5. What are you really good at, as a human?

Creating. Also, I have excellent listening skills.

6. What’s the first thing people usually notice about you?

The engaged community of over 200 million people that I hang out with every month.

7. Who would your ideal or nightmare reader be?

My ideal reader would be someone who loves music and audio, whether it’s creating or listening to sound, or—ideally—both.

8. What would your fetish be?


9. What, or who, would you date?

Berlin. I loved the city so much that I decided to move in with it.

10. Where would you take your date?

We’d stay home, listening to music or audio, of course.

11. Which club could you be seen at?


12. And ultimately, how do you contribute to the spirit of this city?

Berlin is a very creative space with a diverse pool of talent, in terms of both developers and arts/design. We sometimes refer to it as ‘Punk meets Tech’ to describe the alternative lifestyle feel of ‘going your own way’ that is still present in the city.

This is part of what makes Berlin different from other start-up communities.
It is a great hub of creativity with a strong intersection of technology and art.

We’re proud to be a part of this infectious air of optimism and determination.


Thanks Soundcloud!

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