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Max-Beer-Straße 31, Mitte.

Unlike the usual sustainable wear we’re used to associating with slowly-moving, hemp-clad bodies, Atelier Akeef brings eco-friendly clothes into the warm, bubbly friendship circle of fashion—and successfully manages to avoid all traps of eco / fashionista / price-tag pretension well before the door.

Beginning with the Akeef store in Kreuzberg in 2008, the brand-spanking-new Atelier Akeef in Mitte is the secnd store for this eco-paradise. Their Japanese-inspired interior (all environmentally friendly) reflects the philosophy of the store, where natural is beautiful. And it is.

Here, any man can feel good and look good all while brushing their ethical ego, too.

Meet Atelier Akeef.

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Atelier Akeef as personified by its fun and friendly Creative Director, Michael Ashley.

1. What is your name?
Well, my nickname is AA: the store’s initials and because, well, I’m always at the top.

2. When were you born?
I was conceived in July but the process was sped up—my actual birth was the 21st of September.

3. Who were you in your past life?
A classic gentleman.

4. What are you doing with your current life?
Striving to provide the world with classic sustainable clothing and an understanding of ecological luxury.

5. What are you really good at, as a human?
Dressing people.

6. What’s the first thing people usually notice about you?
Uh… I’d have to say my clothes.

7. Who would your ideal or nightmare customer be?
The ideal customer is one that can come in and I can talk to without having to sell them something and they understand what it is that I’m about—and in that way we can form a relationship and they leave happier with their shirt, they leave happier with a story and an item, and I think that’s important to me.

Uh… the worst kind of customer, which I’m probably gonna get in trouble for (laughs), are the ones that come in with their girlfriends and get told how to dress and I have to stand at the back and just watch.

8. What would your fetish be?
My fetish… There was actually a sustainable dildo that was made, so that, yeah…?

9. What, or who, would you date?
Chan Marshall, Cat Power.

10. Where would you take your date?
If she came to Berlin, I’d probably take her to a gallery because she’s very cultured, so I’m told. If she was here (now), I’d probably take her down to Brandenburg Gallery where recently there’s been that exhibition by Hilma Klint, A Pioneer of Abstraction, who focused on the Occult and the meanings of symbols, etc. Cultured, yeah.

11. Which club could you be seen at?
Can I say a bar instead? There’s a bar called John Muir on Skalitzer Strasse, and I really like going there.

12. And ultimately, how do you contribute to the spirit of this city?
I think I’m helping the city progress in a positive way. I think I also help rejuvenate the city and keep it vibrant, when especially in Berlin a lot of people wanna keep it stagnant.


Thanks Atelier Akeef!

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