In the Lair of the Thought Police

Nowadays, the internet allows people to be monitored and tracked whenever they’re connected. However, what if you find that not only your internet activity is being observed, but also your thoughts? Sensa Nostra speaks to Sabrina “Eiya” Makein, a model, author of the fashion book ‘‘The Underestimated Arts of AfriAsia’’, and founder of the Princess Eiya Foundation about her claim that the Dutch government is electronically harassing her and following her via remote neural monitoring. While some may cast her experiences aside as schizophrenia or perhaps simply a phobia people could develop in this day and age due to the obsession people have with incessant online communication, Sabrina maintains her views.

A few years ago was the first time I discovered a foreign implant in my nose after experiencing a nosebleed. I also ended up finding one in my ears and I can feel them through my skin. They come in various sizes, but the ones in my body are metallic or organic-like so that they blend in with the body’s organs. Because they are toxins, they were rejected by various organs in the body (including the liver) and then moved around the body, causing toxic damage. These implants have their own pulses and when you touch or push them, they move. They are slightly squishy while the others located in my brain feel like metal discs surrounded by parasitic capsules.

I’m not sure of when exactly I was implanted with these alien bodies, but I think it was either in the ‘90s or around 2005. When I was living in India as a child, I stayed in a hospital for four days so perhaps that was where and when I was implanted. However, 2013 was a pivotal year in terms of feeling the effects of the implants. These implants are controlled by perpetrators (or perps) that control their movement and functioning, wreaking havoc on my body, mind, and life.

First of all, these implants have been the cause of all kinds of problems with my body. Soon after I realized I had been implanted, I started experiencing frequent rashes and nosebleeds. The implants also create seizure-like sensations and vibrations, causing my body to shake and leading to saggy skin. They can even cause the mattress to vibrate. I can counter the saggy skin a bit by exercising, but considering that I’m only 24, my skin should be taut. Some of the more physically vicious effects of the implants are continuous electric shocks to my body and skull and the appearances of gashes on my skin that turn into stretch marks. This is in addition to my skin suffering from hyperpigmentation, pimples, and peculiar odours.

My mind is raped on a daily basis by the perps hacking into my mind, torturing and messing with my dreams, thoughts, intentions, and behaviour. Last year, the perps clarified their intentions to me. They mess with my dreams and discuss them as soon as I wake up. I can tell the difference between “my” dreams and “their” dreams as they interweave images and other things into your dreams to confuse you. This especially happens during moments of déjà vu or when I’m experiencing premonitions – something I’ve had all my life. By attacking my psychic, I no longer have access to my premonitions and ability to see into the future. They basically try to destroy my 6th sense.

However, my mind isn’t the only thing they’ve hacked into. The perps hack into my Facebook account, even while I’m logged in and they remove friends, messages, and any posts that are against them. They’ve also hacked into the website of my non-profit foundation (The Princess Eiya Foundation) and its bank account. The reason they’re able to do this is because they can scan my brain, read all of my thoughts, and find out my passwords. In addition to my Facebook account, they’ve also managed to infiltrate my Hotmail and bank accounts. There are literally no secrets in the world of a targeted victim. Everything can and will be seen by these perps 24/7. And trust me, they do NOT have your best interests at heart.

The attacks have extended beyond just my mind and my online accounts. One of the symptoms of having these implants is ‘gas-lighting’ which is where various methods are used in order to drive the victim insane or make them believe they’re schizophrenic (which I am NOT). This one time the perps defaced my shower and washing machine so that they no longer functioned. Later on though, they were working fine.

I’ve recently also experienced a lot of gang-stalking here in the Netherlands. Police officers have come up to me and said things to my face in reference to what the perps have said. This goes paired with instances of V2K (voice to skull) that are done via remote controls and other technologies. The implants generate voices that threaten to shoot or blow up my family, my friends, and me. They even dare to do this when I’m in public and with the help of remote neural monitoring, via either high or low frequency, they can change the tones of the voices from high to low.

I’m determined that the Dutch government is behind all of this because the perps are very knowledgeable about my Dutch accounts and they speak in Dutch. My step-father works as a diplomat for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it’s while we were living abroad that I suspect I was implanted. Many diplomats and soldiers are being or have been implanted via either vaccinations or surgery – all without their consent. It is said that these implants are used for helping those who are lost navigate themselves, but this is of course a lie. I know this because the perps tell me that I’m a threat to the government and because I’ve recently published a book on Cultural Haute Couture, ‘The Underestimated Arts of AfriAsia’. The Dutch government has obviously placed me on a ‘black list’ or ‘watch list’. It is them who intend to terminate me.

Two of my family members have also been implanted. One of them has approached me with similar symptoms, the other has been placed in a mental institute for a while due to their supposed “paranoia” and “schizophrenic” behaviour. However, like another Dutch victim called Peter Mooring said, “There is NO such thing as schizophrenia.” The experiences victims have are merely being mislabelled as schizophrenic. It’s another one of the hideous lies the government tries to convince people of to veil their hideous agenda.

I’ve underwent a CT scan in the Netherlands in July 2013 when I went to the doctor with my symptoms. I didn’t tell the doctor about the perps because I was worried that I would be labelled as schizophrenic and denied access to a brain scan. Nevertheless, when I compared my scans to those of fellow victims, it was evident that the implants are RIGHT THERE! My spiritual advisor also has confirmed the brain implants in my body. Nobody can miss them when they’re aware of brain implants. The doctors said they had had other victims with the same symptoms and that they had prescribed them medication. However, I don’t believe in medication any more, it only destroys you.

Instead, I make daily attempts to try to get rid of the implants via other methods such as sage smoking, which I find weakens the effects of the implants. Reflexology can also be used to lessen them. A process I will soon undergo is the use of neodymium magnets to deactivate the implants. A last resort would be surgery, but I already have enough marks on my body as it is.

When I tell others about my experiences, many respond positively. They want more information and they’d like to help. People are disgusted by at the thought of all of this – especially by the actuality and reality of it. Of course some people have also responded with scepticism, but they only end up believing me and using my advice to help themselves when they find out that they too have been implanted.

These actions by the Dutch government are obviously criminal and my human rights have been violated. At first I thought this was a pigment, or notion, extracted from my imagination but it isn’t. It’s all real and still is. I have no privacy, lives are at risk, and the information gained from our minds is used to blackmail us. They aim to destroy me completely, but I fight back every single day. I’m currently seeking justice. I have sent letters to the Dutch government, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Dutch Royal Family demanding a confession. The International Court in the The Hague is also aware of my situation and they’ve given me a reference number. The Dutch government will accept their responsibility the same way that I stand by my rights. I will speak and be heard. I will be respected.

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  • Kelly

    This is quite upsetting. I’m sorry that she feels that way. I hope everything turns out alright for her. Love the idea behind her book, though!

  • stacey

    This girl desperately needs to seek help . She is crazy!

  • Roger

    She does need help… Professional help.. a Psychiatrist and a padded cell may do the trick..

  • Jam

    The technologies are real,There is no craziness here. A lot of people are in the same situation at the moment around the world trying to get attention due to the misuse of these new medical technologies and nanotechnology.

    For the most part connected via satellite in a program of intentional medical experimentation, (there has already been large scale brain damaging of people in many countries in specific genetic personalities, including deaths and intention retardation). Large numbers of people are unknowingly connected via “active” signal remote nanotechnologies in their bodies to databases and manipulated, interfered with, Actually using nanotechnology and other technologies to damage and manipulate the brain function of a person, communicate to (and from) , physiologically modify, torture and impair. (dumb down) reduce cognitive function and because it can interfere with perception (on purpose) heighten or diminish or create unusual focus or sensation (specific brain function, physiological manipulation) make people believe they are being interfered with by other people in their local environment such as neighbors or people in the street when in fact its just the people manipulating them using the technologies.
    (some of which has been around for up to 25-30 years) without peoples knowledge and being used.

    Interfere with health level, create illness or illness like symptoms even effect physiology include eyes voice physical integrity skin pigmentation and texture, create rashes physiological manipulations, damage or interfere with internal organs, in short body wide manipulation.

    Because a lot of it is genetically biased specific harassment or the intention to damage or impair the person on purpose is not a negative outcome to the people doing it, instead its a positive outcome,, literally destroying someone and then getting them sectioned or ostracized is

    Large numbers of people have been subjected to this mad situation because of the “unbelievability factor” between what the community recognizes as the real and the actual level and reality of the medical technologies being used. (and how advanced they are nanotechnologies and microelectronics etc). Almost every cell in the body can be manipulated interfered with (this can mean they even change or modify bodyshape, muscles, tissue organs, neurology etc.).

    Most people have no idea they even have the technology in their bodies and have not been noticeably interfered with (although until recently they necessarily have suspected they were being interfered with unless the activity was aggressive or usual in some way).

    So think twice before you call someone insane its going to be a political issue at some stage as alot of people have been affected.

    • Jam

      and other associated technologies. Including implants.

  • Prashant AU


    I’m a targeted individual too with similar symptoms! Please do connect for sharing information!


  • esco

    I really want to believe you … but: If you can feel them just under the skin and they really do have such terrible affects then as if you wouldn’t undergo the minor surgery to get (at least some of them) out. Then no body could say you’re crazy because you can show them video of the surgery and the actual implant. “Having too many marks on my body already” is the easiest cop out i can imagine. You could even cut them out yourself (obviously not in your skull) – wouldn’t that be liberating? As far as knowing your passwords & bank accounts – that’s easy: just ask a trusted loved one to administer them for you. Primarily: governments and organisations would not be bothered to do this even if the technology existed. If you truly were dangerous, they would kill you – a car accident would raise zero suspicion.

  • esco

    the truth is people have been describing your exact sensations for a long time – long before computerised technology. Back then they thought it was god or angels etc

  • esco

    But I really wish I could believe you. Unfortunately the world is a hell of a lot more boring than you think it is. What government is going to pay some guy a yearly salary to sit there all day and beam messages into your brain. These practicalities need to be addressed. My advice: keep writing. Maybe they will stop bothering you if you make your thoughts so easily accessible!

  • esco

    Also, if this kind of technology was possible why would billionaires still die of diseases that could be treated with such delicate manipulation. Also: the dollar – give a government a few decades doing this, the grant funding will dry up and they will CASH IN! People are far too greedy to keep this technology as some sort of illuminati secret when they could become the richest people in the world be exploiting (even tiny aspects of) it / or selling it to the ‘bad’ guys for a mint. *sigh* I really used to hope this kind of thing was true (as an engineer) but alas, the practicalities and logic get in the way of my imagination.

  • esco

    Sending you love & strength – I hope one day you can prove the truth of this for all of us! From a loving, reluctant skeptic.

  • Sarah Mitchell

    Your testimony is my reality I have had these same symptoms for over a year.I have been researching and have discovered a common denominator. That’s smart meters transponders celltowers and satellites. These devices are part of a grand plan by the Gov and the elite to enslave you.control every aspect of who you are. This is a NWO plan. What you said about being physic
    And not being able to experince this is another part of the mind control. I can tell you are strong Pray in Jesus name ask for Gods swift punishment on these who have violated your spirit. Satan is behind theses evil deeds. Stay strong be yourself live love and never give in.

  • @jewelnature

    Remote Neural Monitoring mind control was developed by US military laboratories over several decades. Formerly known as MK-Ultra or Cointelpro, it is now in widespread covert use in America, Australia and many other countries where rogue networks of police are engaged in abducting innocent civilians off the streets (particularly if they’re activists) and taking them to mental hospitals for illegal assessment to intimidate them. While there they are ‘switched on’ to become non-consenting ‘targeted individuals’ of electronic stalking and mental torture 24/7 and then released. Sometimes they are deliberately misdiagnosed as schizophrenic or psychotic to facilitate further incarceration in the mental health system. Welcome to a futuristic intrusive 1984 folks! Politicians should believe what targeted individuals are saying and act to shut down the WiFi and satellite technology that makes the Remote Neural Monitoring of innocent people possible. Jail the perpetrators.

  • Jane Snow

    I am on the fence about this subject myself. Last year I read an investigative article that described the government’s documented efforts to learn how to influence individuals’ minds over the past 60 years, and I realized that if they had the right technology they would use it. Of course, they wouldn’t bother telling us about it if they had the technology. They would just use it covertly. But I would think that they would only bother to target specific people for a specific reason. I imagine that activists or whistle blowers would be high on their list of people that they want to ‘alter’, as well as public personalities. Why do you think they chose you?

  • pick a name

    Are you sure you are implanted? RNM does not require a person to be implanted. It operates remotely via satellites and other medium. I don’t think you are gang stalked. But you will feel you are, because the thoughts you think and what you hear around you will make you to feel like you are gang stalked. You cannot be sure that it’s the govt. You can get clue from the voice or they might tell you who initiated it. Take care.

  • Pieter Huylenbroeck

    I’m from Flemish Belgium. TI as well Do you want to get in touch? greets Pieter

  • penter

    Bio Electro Magnetic wave / Mind control/ gangstalker harassment

    Information about RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring ) user [KAJAL KANTI DEY , (m) -+918276909442 /+918584929823
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    & One Male relative of Kajal kanti Dey , His Add:-sodepur, west bengal, India

    they harass people by RNM ( Remote Neural Monitoring brain control thought this RNM machine) . I would like to inform you that , I am living in Kolkata , my born and brought up in here Kolkata. This person ( kajal kianti Dey ) have 2 piece of RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring ) & 1 piece of RNM he gave to one male relative of Kajal kanti Dey . (Kajal kanti Dey’s sister name is kakoli Dey ( but I don’t know she have this RNM or not )Past 3year and 6 month I have been tortured by them by varies way like ( voice to skull , memory kill, view victim’s eyes , listen& slang words use against me, body itching , illness , forced sleep, forced wake, High heat, Mentally torture, hamper in my job ,In my comparative exams & my personal data information etc, they Hampering my life by RNM (Machine )which is connect to Human Brain (frequency level )through Bioelectro magenatic wave frequency .They harass lot’s of Female’s in Kolkata & in our locality by Sexually ( Through Visual cortex of Victim’s Eyes they can see ) and some Valgur sensation by this RNM (Machine ). (RNM) stands for” REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING “have such features through which they have been tortured by people & females ( this is a Bioelectro Magnetic weapon technology which is generally not use in Kolkata civil area) But They( kajal kanti Dey & his one male relative ) generally target to female’s and sexually use this RNM (machine) to harass and torture them, some Minister and VIP’s information they have been observed by this connection of RNM( machine) as for Entertainment of themself. This Machine (RNM) can’t be detect by any normal way (necessary equipment oscillating scanners etc help to detect the interference of this connection ) , help me and raise my Voice against this kind of antisocial , violence , harassment , torture against women’s and people in Kolkata (dum dum & sodepur) , which is against Law.(Kajal Kanti Dey & one male relative of Kajal kanti Dey ) both generally shows their character in public as a wise person but actually they are not, both are a Poisson in human’s life . They have 3 piece of RNM , which is very dangerous in human’s life .
    Vulnerable Criminal Activity through “Remote Neural Monitoring(RNM) – Remote Brain Mapping”
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    Excitement by Bio-Telemetry using RNM
    3. Assassination – Remote Brain Mapping, brain wash & Bio-telemetry using RNM
    4. Pre-planned Rape – Remote Brain Mapping & Bio-telemetry using RNM
    5. Blackmail – Breaking human own privacy & Bio-telemetry using RNM

    N.B. – please help me where I have to report this complain kindly notice this kind of electronic harassment ,,,not only me they victimise lots of females also in kolkata , females are helpless & suffer with this bio electro wave frequency connection and me too .

    (RNM Victim)
    kolkata, India


    I am in Austria, I am Living the same Problem too. I think it has to do with a hidden chip implnt in my tooth or teeth which I have got during a dental work?. But the difference to other victims is that they are doing this publically, via a social media, I am Hearing Voices of a Group of People who stalk ,harrass me all day till I fall asleep. they say you are a Radio you are slandering, we are bothering you…they speak spanish an litlle german mostly. But which language they speak is not the prblem here!! THEY ARE JUST LITTLE SERVNTS.
    They talk obly About this- who is doing this to you- oh you are Hearing Guanos? Germany is doing this or slavic People. Stupid Things, they want me to belive I am a Radio and a social media is Broadcasting to all Evil People in the City. These auwfull austrians from Salzburg are having so a terrific time with this…enjoy what is happenig to me.

    They make me hear People who only talk About the thoughts on the stteets whereever I go, I just hear laghing of others….repeting Insults or bad Things related to slandering or doing Gossip About brasilian women or whatever I should have thought or remembered !!!
    What a fucking Country is this ????