Sensa Nostra is a human experience archive, building a diverse collection of personal stories, thoughts and outlooks from around the globe. Offering new perspectives on art, religion, sex, drugs, economics, politics, and so much more, the archived voices of Sensa Nostra form a uniquely varied database of information. We seek out rare, unorthodox and bizarre sources, in order to unearth and explore the vast array of passions, ideologies, and peculiarities of our age.


Sensa Nostra makes no presumptions and holds no judgements. The life stories told to us through qualitative interviews are transcribed and transformed by our journalists into intimate, first-person, narratives, distilling only the pure, personal, experience of our sources. These articles are then enriched by our talented illustrators.


Sensa Nostra is a passion project, run entirely by volunteers. Desperate for a thrill, thirsty for knowledge and high on life, we are passionate about the beauty of human experiences in all colours, shapes, and sizes. Forgetting what society labels as “normal”, ditching the conventional, and exposing the multitude of realities around us, the Sensa Nostra archive shows us that nothing is what it seems, and everyone has a story to tell.


Be prepared to experience new realms of consciousness – we hope you enjoy the journey

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