A cool December morning in Portugal, we met up with end of the world prophesier and author, Tracy Preston to discuss the impending apocalypse. With general opinion still split on the subject it might be time to consider what may be the end of us all. Right? As the sun rises on what could be one of our final days on this planet, Tracy opens up her theory and explains her much more optimistic outlook on what exactly will happen on the 21st December 2012. Just as Tracy Preston‘s new book, Stories for the Soul (compilation of short stories from ancient Egypt, to Atlantis) goes public he expresses his views on this life changing matter.

Well, according to some we are in our last week on planet Earth. I never thought that I would be able to say that sentence in a non-fictional setting, but there we go I just have!

According to the Mayans who were great astronomers and calculators of time we are at the end of their calendar on the 21st of December 2012. This information has hit the mainstream media with various documentaries, books and of course the Hollywood movie 2012.

Researching the Mayan prediction is a veritable minefield and it seems that there are several camps of thought on this topic. I know some people are expecting tsunamis of giant proportions (I have moved to higher ground just in case!) whilst others predict a slower end to humanity via chemtrails and Haarp and are busy stocking up on sacks of rice and wearing gas masks. There are some that think that the Mayan prophecy is Illuminati based propaganda to generate fear amongst the masses and others interpret the Mayan prediction as an end of an age rather than the end of the world. The ‘end of an agers’, also fall into different groups of thought, with some expecting a rapture style of transportation to a new dimensional earth via our alien brothers and sisters, where everybody is loving and peaceful. Then there are people like myself that believe that yes we are indeed at the end of a cycle but instead of an instant transformation, it is the beginning of a gradual awakening of people to their own capacity as infinite spiritual beings.

There seems to be a great body of evidence to suggest that humanity is far older than our history books and religions tell us. It seems that there were indeed great Noah style floods and lost civilisations such as Lemuria and Atlantis and there is no doubt in my mind that previous civilisations were far more technologically and psychologically advanced than we are led to believe.

Life it seems is cyclical, as it is in nature. It seems to show that we advance and then decline and it may well be that the Mayans calculated these cycles accurately to be in stages of 26,000 years, in fact Terrance Mckenna used the ancient Chinese I ching and calculated this same cycle .

In my humble opinion, I believe that we are coming out of the dark ages. We have been living in a very controlled, spiritless, war based society for many years and it is now time for people to get back in touch with their true nature as infinite beings. Step by step, I believe that we will awaken slowly from a very deep sleep.

I don’t think that on the 22nd of December we’ll have full use of our psychic abilities and I doubt I’ll be able to teleport myself to a tropical island at will. I’m also pretty sure that aliens are not going to transfer us to another dimensional paradise and to be honest if a space ship offered me a lift, I would graciously decline! I do however, feel a change in energies already, it feels as though life has been speeding up and in the last couple of years it’s like someone has pressed the fast forward button! Truth seems to be coming out in society more and more and the corrupt nature of the governments, banks and religions are plain to see for even the most unenlightened individuals. For example if you said to a “normal” person ten years ago that many/most politicians were corrupt then they would have called you nuts but now it’s a well-known fact. The phrase ‘conspiracy-theorist’ it seems, is a very convenient box to place people in that have the audacity to question. Just look at all the paedophile rings now being uncovered which had successfully remained hidden for years. The layman is even becoming aware of the secret societies that the elite are members of, although it will be a little while before many leap from Dan Brown books into the real truth of it all.

I also notice that those of us who were conscious of our spiritual nature once felt alone, dotted around the globe but are now meeting each other and connecting in real life or via the internet and this sharing of information has speeded up our own development enormously!

I myself and many of my friends have become more intuitive, psychic, telepathic and are able to read the signs and signals to follow life’s path more easily. We are becoming aware of the fact that our thoughts create our own reality and instead of just reading about these things we are putting it into practice on a daily basis. The intensified speed of life is also allowing us to sort through our issues and ditch negative programmes more easily due to the fact we are becoming more aware of them.

So all in all I’d say that yes, the Mayans were right, we are indeed coming to the end of an age and entering into a period of more divine connection and awareness of our connection with everyone and everything… finally we are exiting the “matrix” and more and more people are choosing the ‘red pill.’
Bring it on!


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