A Wiccan, a freemason, a Satanist, a vampire, a Mormon, and a born again Christian. This is not the introduction to some horribly esoteric joke, but the C.V of Reverend Bill Schnoebelen of Iowa. Bill was kind enough to expand on his vampire days, and warn us that the blood-soaked, Satan-worshipping real vampires out there have nothing to do with the glittery vamps on the silver-screen. Sensa Nostra interviews Rev William Schnoebelen about his vampire episode.

I was a disgustingly ‘holy’ little kid. Most of my peers thought I was so strange that they routinely beat me up. Even more than being a priest, I wanted to be a saint. One Halloween night I was out trick-or-treating with a friend, and I chanced to look up in the evening sky, and instead of seeing stars, the vault of the heavens was filled with black, leathery, bat-like things. As I stared transfixed, their eyes opened and were ruby red. It seemed to me that those eyes burned into my soul. I could sense a voice in my head saying something like, ‘You belong to us now.’ I felt a thrill go through my body that—had I known about such things—I would have described as sexual. But my body and mind did not have the emotional vocabulary to process this horror. I went home that night and climbed into bed feeling vaguely uneasy and defiled—as if those leathery wings had touched me in an intimate way. After that incident, I acquired an unexplained interest in the paranormal and UFOs. Oddly enough, my eighth-grade teacher, a nun, gave me a paperback book on the paranormal to read, even though she did not know I was intrigued in that subject. I was hooked

At college, Naïve and away from home for the first time, I was drawn into the black arts by one of my professors. I believed every word from this authority figure was true. Eventually, I became a serious student of the occult. By the time I graduated from college I was a witch priest.

With the occult, enough is never enough. My seduction was a slow and meticulous one. I followed a path from witchcraft through ceremonial magic, the Church of Satan and finally hardcore Satanism. It was a subtle seduction that took me from supposedly benign “white magic,” to the very gates of wickedness into vampirism.

At the near end of my satanic studies, I was given a choice regarding my last initiation. I could choose: become a vampire or a werewolf. I chose the vampiric path because it seemed less painful and horrid.

I was taken to a vampire sect in Chicago and put on a “program” for initiation. Finally, in the midst of a ceremony, I was introduced to the man who would “sire” me. He bit me in the neck and drank my blood. Then he slashed open his chest and made me drink from his blood. I spent the following day in a coffin.

When I emerged I was a fledgling vampire. Afterward, I found it impossible to eat food or drink anything but blood. I had trouble going out in sunlight, existing mostly on the blood of women in my covens. Because they cooperated, I never had to forcibly take blood. However, my addiction to blood was acute and growing, as any compulsion does. I got desperate for more, and feared I would kill.

Then – a miracle happened. I paid my yearly tithe to the Church of Satan – and when the bank sent back the check, I noticed that a woman at the bank had written boldly on it: “I’ll be praying for you, in Jesus’ name.” I thought nothing of it, because I was so deceived I thought Jesus was actually a vampire. However, immediately – my entire life turned upside down. I lost all my occult power. My dark gifts were gone. I cried out to Lucifer for help, but instead, the Almighty Creator of the Universe, Yahuwah, heard my prayer and intervened.

Through a series of amazing miracles over the next few years I was set free from the occult and became genuinely Born Again in 1984. The scales fell off of my eyes. I’d studied the Bible all my life from childhood through most of my occult years, but never seen the beauty therein. It took one year of continuous Bible study after my salvation to determine that even though I was saved, I still needed deliverance from demonic bondage. In 1985 a devoted, loving pastor and his wife used the power of the cross and the blood shed on Calvary to totally set me free from any remaining chains to my occult past.

Witnessing first-hand the corrupting, seductive power of the occult and the growth of vampirism in today’s media, I began earnestly praying about how to reach out to pastors, assemblies and families with a spiritual weapon to fight this onslaught.

Most people, even in the church, do not think vampires are real. They believe that they are the stuff of Hollywood or folklore. Because of this, they see little harm when young people read novels or see movies about adolescent girls falling in love with vampires – as long as that love is “chaste.” The problem is there ARE extremely dangerous people out there who revel in drinking human blood – and would love to fulfill the fantasies of young girls who do not know any better. Many news broadcasts from across the globe report that young people are drinking each other’s blood in emulation of TWILIGHT.

I am NOT saying there are really immortal vampires running around out there – I would never make that claim. What I AM saying is that – in this day of blood borne diseases like HIV – there are human monsters out there that delight in preying on gullible people. The teen vampire love stories provide fertile soil in which they plant the seeds for destruction of innocence. This is highly dangerous and contagious, both physically and spiritually. There is good reason why the Almighty forbids the drinking of blood (Gen. 9:4)

Additionally, in the TWILIGHT Saga, the girl (Bella) is portrayed as needy and emotionally unstable. Her vampire boyfriend has many traits of an abusive partner. This is a recipe for spiritual and psychological disaster. Bella is HARDLY a role model we want our youth to admire or emulate. In the end, Bella’s only strength comes from death, when she becomes a vampire herself.

But eternal life comes only from Yahushua, Jesus Christ the Messiah, and TWILIGHT and occult books and films are nothing less than seductive lies and social marketing.

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