I finally met my mind-fuckingly happy ‘whole self’ again on the night of the 21st to the 22nd of December and it has undergone an unusually accelerated change since then. “It”, not he, is a so-called ‘turned on’ One who yet paradoxically feels is sadly being forced to ‘tune out’ of its Oneness and ‘drop in’ to this fragmented society with no promising future. He tries to make one last small step for (wo)man and a giant leap for (wo)mankind.

“Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it” –Theses on Feuerbach, Karl Marx, 1845

Does anybody really know what consciousness is off the top of his or her heads? Most people have to rely on dictionaries for that factual knowledge and even then different editions and different publishing houses and, above all, different languages will tell a different story about the definition of a concept. As a matter of fact, people rely too much on language and culture to give meaning to things, to surroundings, to their life and to their experiences through words. The “Enlightenment” saying goes: “Knowledge is power”. Indeed, the power to keep you confused and out of love with one another.

But you see, we don’t go about the streets with our dictionary-apps in our heads and this is why meaning is really plastic and utterly relative in the space and time we are located in. Meaning is therefore in the eye of the beholder. But what kind of software does the eye operate on? Could we have been centuries unaware of different Trojans covertly hacking our consciousness, which limited our development and sucked up all our riches?

Burroughs said ‘language is a virus from outer space’ and he meant it literally, that it alienated us from the world of ideas, which is the direct opposite of our reality made of language. He suggested also that one could rob language’s ability to dictate meaning to us through use of the ‘cut up’ and random rearrangement of the text. Wittgenstein had already gobsmacked everyone by saying: “the limits of my language are the limits of my reality”. Nuff said?

But in reality however, we have, in Castaneda‘s terms, two modes of language, knowledge (and of reality) and hence of ascribing meaning to “things”: the ‘nagual’ and the ‘tonal’ (in Aymara language respectively ‘ukamaw’ and ‘siwsawi’). In Western thought (in the mind or ‘tonal’) we understand only knowledge one-sidedly and as “based on the opinions and findings of others”. Who said what? The ghost in the machine did! But the true power, the true transcendental knowledge, up in the Topos Uranus, is accessible through the learning of the nagual or ukamaw, the spirit world language of the heart. As the anthropologist Anders Burman explains: “We think WITH places and ABOUT books.”

Now, there is a terribly unconscious monopoly of knowledge and meaning and therefore of the definition we collectively portray of our reality. Science has become dogmatic. Modern physics is light years desynchronized from Biology. We’re like pie in the sky! We think the sky or even the stars are the limit! But we never think about the infinite potential locked inside our minds, which has a language of its own called precisely imagination. When we imagine we make films! Our hearts are also closed. Love is the energy out of which rich fantasies can be projected.

Scientists don’t exchange ideas and unravel the truth together for the benefit of all. Instead they are on a rat race of “dog eat dog” to patent, publish and bask in their own glory and hang their little shinny diploma as a halo on their heads, and in their offices to look at it in a fake ecstasy of some sort of achievement to the betterment of mankind. How can individuals alone make history when we co-exist on one planet, unique unto itself, where information is to be shared and life to be enjoyed?

Indeed as the forgotten linguist Benjamin Lee Whorf claimed, that “Western thought had reached Babylon: what we call ‘scientific thought’ is a specialization of the western Indo-European type of language, which has developed […] a set of different dialects. These dialects are now becoming MUTUALLY UNINTELLIGIBLE. The term ‘space’, for instance, does not and CANNOT mean the same thing to a psychologist as to a physicist.’ Albert Einstein chimed with: “Time and space are modes by which we think, not conditions under which we live”.

And, as I have mentioned in my former article “The Revolution Is Inside Your Head”, ‘pacha’ means in Aymara and Quechua earth, time and space. Three different words for three different concepts which in turn have multiple connotations….What a confusion for our tiny and fragmented Westernised consciousness! Maybe it is to the Westerner’s liking though, who is obsessed with cataloguing and collecting the world to have more ‘stuff’ in his mind and in his house at the expense of nature and humanity, which in the end are one and the same and interdependent. In hurting ourselves we hurt others and the earth, and in hurting others and the earth we hurt ourselves. We need to integrate ourselves: to soulfully make eye contact with the other (zombie) because “when the violence causes silence we must be mistaken”.

Timing is also suspicious with its Judeo-Christian years at the beat of the Vegas slot machines and Wall Street’s and the City’s fake economies. Are we in 2013 really? I thought the number 13 was unholy and therefore forbidden and inexistent, for example, in hotels due to bad luck…You see? More contradictions from the West keep knockin’ like a prankish trick or treat on Thanksgiving! There isn’t just time in numbers (Chronos), there is also a time which can be measured in supreme moments of the glory of being one with the bounty of the universe (Kairos). As if we had nanotech Swatch watches implanted in our eyes and we were seeing numbers. Man lost his freedom when he invented time.

According to the Mayas we should have died during the apocalypse on the 21st of December. Did we miss anything? Where did the fire and brimstone fireworks go? Yet this is our ignorant and bigoted skim reading of their astounding telescope-free though highly shamanic knowledge of the universe. We cannot even say as English-speaking Westerners that we’ve forgotten our Greek! We merely copy and paste into existence words from over 300 languages. A record breaking encyclopedic cognitive dissonance! Hollywood has brainwashed us with big budget 3-D B-Films into believing “apocalypse” was doom’s day! Wake up workaholic zombies! It means ‘the disclosure of knowledge’. Don’t believe me! Wikipedia it!

If we are to change the world interpreted by philosophers we must intend together for this ‘paradigm shift’ to domino-effect out of a tiny ‘critical mass’ from our minutest ‘synchronicities’ into a single commonsensical Consciousness of love and magic where we can shape our own reality and those realities of the collective at our express childish wish. But for that we need to free ourselves from our belief systems, which limit us. Any belief is a limit yet the universe, just as our consciousness, is infinite. As above, so below. God made man in his image. Right? Or did man make dog loyally in his image just like dog made man in his, as Burroughs testified?

Yet we still have flesh and bone “gods” causing daily fire and brimstone even if we cannot see all of this in front of our eyes there on television, since we’re hypnotized and our consciousness has been sabotaged. They are irresponsible and wicked and they know very well what they’re up to and how to hide even if Molière’s distant voice still hasn’t managed to unmask them. They feed us the wrong food, deal us unfair shares, teach us the wrong things, indoctrinate us with upside-down values and beliefs, and finally entertain us with boring and expensive life-threatening objects. Not to mention they prohibit us the fruits of the Garden of Eden. But money can’t buy me love. Love is knowledge of memories, past and future, it carries infinitely within.

But how are we to change the world without changing ourselves first? What could help us other than the written word, which fails to impact nowadays? The written word does the opposite of immortalization. Do we need some sort of culture-dissolving and mind-manifesting agent to de-install the ‘I think therefore I am’ and give place to ‘We party therefore we exist!’? I think that wouldn’t be a bad place where to begin. Hallucinogens and shamanic rituals historically precede religion, culture and language. Why should we instead be on a rubbish intellectual diet, strive to speak ‘correctly’ and worship just greedy Mammon and drunken Dionysus?

It won’t be easy to put the grass back into their roots or make the state and science understand that LSD—in the accepted, paranoia-free legal context—can make you stop alcoholism, for instance, and give you a totally crisp, positive and creative view on life, as mind-blowing as German Dr. Dieter Broers in (R)Evolution 2012 explains, and with an added dollop of never-ending cosmic giggles. MDMA also has potential for healing traumas in psychotherapy by helping you among other things to re-empathize with other souls, dead or alive. But no, it’s a class A drug everywhere. Seven years of imprisonment for possession of it in the UK just as an example of the pinnacle of western civilization. I guess Ali G was right when he asked ironically: ‘Does class A guarantee it is better quality?’ If people don’t go crazy taking the scarcely available LSD in the “illegal” context of this mad world then they definitely will otherwise by our self-destructive zeitgeist.

And if you still think that meditation is the only answer then I beg you to try to prove me wrong. Meditation derives from altered states of consciousness just as Stanislav Grof’s holotropic breathwork is a drugless high identical to LSD and learned from the respiration patterns the drug induces—thus they are complementary. Moreover, does meditation bring about as much social change? Maybe we can meditate in the revolution’s after party so that there is no second French revolution in terms of violence and no Flower Power revolution which ends tragically in the abuse of illumination.

I’ve seen the magic reality without drugs too because I learned to “reference the experience”, even when my doors aren’t yet fully unhinged I could remember how to soberly peek through the keyhole any time. Meditation and psychedelics happen to go together like bread and butter. According to Tom Wolfe, Terrence McKenna and Dan Everett, homo sapiens would not have evolved into ‘homo loquax’ unless they had altered their consciousness with, plausibly, the abundant magic mushrooms. And then we think culture comes from Dawkin’s ‘selfish meme’? How virtual a theory! His own projected idea turned bestseller! Instead, mushrooms grow on real cow shit everywhere, and look temptingly cute! “That is why you laugh so much the first two hours.” “These ain’t no drugs. Drugs is bakin’ soda, water, stir it up………………………………………..I don’t know, I’m just saying…”

We speak Newspeak already, haven’t you noticed? A perfect example for it in today’s parlance and legal jargon is the very word “drugs”. What are drugs? Do we call alcohol and cigarettes drugs? No but maybe the dictionary does. Do we call aspirin “drug”? No, we prefer to call it medicine and they’re perfectly legal…”but if you take 13 of those mother fuckers” … “it will be your last headache!”. And what about the methamphetamine (Pervitin) the Nazis invented and used all the way into Stalingrad, and which is still today given to ADD people to be obedient because otherwise they would destroy the world with their creativity? As Professor Robert Stephens of German Cultural Studies elucidates: “After the Nazi seizure of power, a racial hygiene campaign to rid the country of all forms of addiction led to a continued decrease in the consumption of ‘intoxicating poisons’. Yet at the same time, continued pharmacological research created new classes of abusable drugs, which with their simulative effects proved helpful in the effort of the Nazi war machine.”

I would like to quote and thank Graham Hancock for giving us the key to open Pandora’s box: “when the state sends us to prison for essentially exploring our own consciousness, this is a grotesque abuse of human rights. It’s a fundamental wrong. If I as an adult am not sovereign over my own consciousness, then I’m absolutely not sovereign over anything. I can’t claim any kind of freedom at all. And what has happened over the last 30-40 years of the War On Drugs is that we have been persuaded to hand over the keys of our consciousness to the state. It’s the most precious, the most intimate, the most sapient part of ourselves. And furthermore, they have persuaded us that this is in our interest.” Do occasional psychedelic experiences ruin your life in the same way abusive and habitual ‘legal’ drug taking does?

If you ever wonder, stoned or sober, awake or asleep, why the unknown ‘space people’, not aliens, only fly over us and do not often land (anymore) and make contact with humans? Is it because we have become so barbaric and decontextualized from the shamanic world that we are no longer psychically prepared in our planetary consciousness to make contact with them since they navigate mainly through other, higher realms of dark matter?

One word in English does a pretty good job in describing this invisible knowledge I’m so stoked on: exformation. In a nutshell it means we are users of an illusion created by our own consciousness in a—believe it or not—holographic universe! Human consciousness can be engineered by language. Yet even my computer finds this word funny and underlines it in red; it’s too obscure for the average wannabe Illuminati. Astronauts undergo a catharsis when they leave the earth’s atmosphere because they are disconnected from its electromagnetic field and its exformations, which perceptually affect the brain the ‘reality’ paradigm of consciousness ruling the earth and which humanity perceives in its consensus. They feel they no longer belong to that monopolized paradigm of consciousness as they distance themselves from those fields, and Apollo 14 spacemen such as Dr. Edgar Mitchell end up having self-enlightenments during their moonwalks.

Dr. Mitchell then founded the nonprofit Institute of Noetics Sciences Organisation in an effort to research and convince mainstream science of the phenomena regarding the nature of consciousness. He also saw UFos and was aware of the government’s secrecy about it. This man was convinced of a long tradition of solid scientific work that had established the reality of psychic phenomena. My favourite quote of his goes: “Not only is our technology not nearly as sophisticated as theirs but had they been hostile we would be gone by now”. That is not to say there may be space foes, real aliens like bankers, generals, clergy, politicians, moderators, professors, just physically different.

So, now you can chose if you want to be lost in translation in Babylon or if you want to see the universal language of infinite unconditional love, colours and sounds. I think we shouldn’t ask ourselves if the secret Pauli-effect existed but if we want to make it happen again and how. And that little phenomenon might just be the tip of the iceberg after all. Maybe we can even make art out of thin air..…But love must be set free first—we can eventually DELETE the concept of ‘breaking up’ because we are One—and we can have many families and nationalities, speak many languages and experience multiple souls. We’ll never again lose a friend or miss a chance to make one. People will forget what loneliness and indifference meant.

But before I forget, the closest answer I have to the question “What is consciousness?” Well, the word itself falls short of denoting any meaning because it connotes everything perceptible, anything that may slide into mind. Maybe if we legalize its “access & cleaning tools” we’ll really find out more of what “It” is about, but also of our “self”. “It” is to be found on the dark side of the moon, a place where the so-called occult is very bright. And don’t forget before you take your next trip ritualistically and responsibly, just like the English drink tea, to remember the only hoax is what you believe you know hitherto.

Indeed, to smoke weed, or not to smoke weed, that is the question. And I answer in name of the benefit of humanity: mandatory marijuana! “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.” Why work our human asses off when we can play to be GODS and not DOGS, which literally means ‘that which is invoked’? Language merely attempts to reflect and define the ideas of the world of the ‘nagual’, ‘ukamaw’ or of the ‘exformations’ cacophonously. Are you ready to learn the visual language hidden in the far side of our illusions? Dreams awake! “In the beginning there was the Word” However, what was there before that? And who put the word there in the first place? Do we know better? Are we going to learn from experience or will we let history repeat itself rather than make it rhyme? Are you conscious enough to beat it? This is neither science nor religion, just a poetic antivirus dedicated to paranoia.

“Every philosophy aims at having an ethical effect in the practicalities of everyday life and is ultimately, in its purest sense, based on politics.”

Hermann Broch (little known Austrian modernist writer who escaped after the Anschluss thanks to help from his friend James Joyce. He fascinated Einstein; Huxley found him to be of infallible virtuosity, and Thomas Mann suggested him for the Nobel Prize.)

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