Unite, Do Right – The Zeitgeist Movement

The Zeitgeist Movement has gained attention over the last few years, with millions of views of its internet film of the same name. According to this anonymous television star, The Zeitgeist Movement could lead polluted society to prosperity. He discusses what Zeitgeist means to him and claims there is at least one message from the movement that everyone should adhere to.
You can change your life in an instant. All you have to do is begin.
The Zeitgeist Movement incorporates many messages and it is up to the individual to decide how they want to interpret them, but there is one clear idea I believe people should take seriously – Responsibility. Specifically, responsibility to our planet and society. Zeitgeist envisions a better future. It’s a lifelong journey, living these values and responsibilities to our global community. For me, part of this is recognising that fear has crept into every corner of society. We must identify fear and deal with its cause. People fear each other. Fear is manifest oftentimes in simple ways, like clutching your purse for fear of it being stolen. People fear the future and what will become of them. Isn’t it strange that we live in a world where during economic depression people lose their possessions, and faced with the reality of having “lost everything”, they turn to suicide? They haven’t lost everything, they still have life!
This is where Zeitgeist comes in. Zeitgeist is there to awaken people from the hyper-individualist notions and bring them to understand that they are part of a global community and can work together. Everyone wants something more in life, some improvement, but imagine how great the benefit would be if we all worked together in a joint effort to improve everyone’s lives.This responsibility rests not only on the masses, but certainly on the powers that be as well. The current economic situation shows that monetary systems aren’t working. With all the technological advances, there is no need for money. We have the capability of providing abundance to all if we use what we have intelligently. What purpose does technological advancement serve when it’s merely committed to outdoing the latest iPhone? What help is it to concentrate on monetary gain, rather than developing technologies that benefit the community as a whole? Why not have just one type of phone that everyone has and be done with it? If these companies stopped competing for monetary gain, realised their responsibility to the world, and worked together to create something useful for society, it would not only benefit people but also the environment, and would put an end to wasteful consumerism.
Such a society may seem utopian but it’s not impossible. Communities around the world are capable of maintaining a system of shared living. They ask: how I can be happy if my neighbour is miserable? Individualism is not an innate concept, but rather a result of Western society. The West lacks a sense of communal responsibility and, in order to survive, we must do so. Surely this is a difficult task, but I think real change will happen only if people begin to evaluate themselves and how they fit into society. Only then could we work together to create something better. You are only as free as you allow yourself to be. You can be free from the stress of work if you realise there is more to life than making money. You can be free of financial worries if you realise that there’s more to life than material possessions. When you are free of these things, you are open to working towards a better society. You can change your life in an instant. All you have to do is start.

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