Why do our contributors take part in the Sensa Nostra project?

“Personally, I value being a part of the Sensa Nostra team because I believe that everyone has a story to tell, whether they realize it or not. I consider it an honor and privilege to play some small part in sharing these stories with others.” – Brendan

“I work for Sensa Nostra because I lead and unusual life, travelling without money, following my gut and not paying any mind to the rules. My writing style is somewhere between review and neo-Gonzo adventure story. I write about my travels and the music festivals I go to. In a world where most music or entertainment journalism is full of bland, name-dropping repetition of band and genre names that tells you nothing unless you are already in the know and “What inspired you to make that track?” questions, Marc and Ilari saw my style as something different and interesting and asked me to come on board. Which I gladly accepted. I see Sensa Nostra as a light in the darkness of conventional media and a great platform for my work. And after all, Facebook or blog writing is just creatively pissing into the wind, and there is no way to get a drink out of it.” – Joe

“I hope to expand my own consciousness, collecting characters, ideas and experiences that should be shared, that I might communicate through my fiction writing.” – Alex

“I love discovering & learning about so many unusual & fascinating opinions, experiences, & perspectives. (The crazier or more thought-provoking, the better!) I really appreciate how every time I read an article, I’m forced to reconsider & question my own beliefs. It is a privilege to be given this ‘borrowed sight’ & Sensa Nostra’s personal style highlights the many shades of humanity in such a way that even if you disagree with the ideas expressed or the experience is entirely foreign to you, you still feel a sense of connection. There is always at least something you can identify with, giving the thoughts described in the articles faces and making them more human. When people discuss and share our work, I’m reminded of how our work is relevant and meaningful not only to us as a team, but also to important debates taking place around us – whatever the themes may be. And finally, the process of bringing the experiences to life is challenging and incredibly fun. As a journalist, I get the freedom to write about whatever topics I wish while having the honour of working with a wonderful team of multi-talented, international, and amazing individuals!” – Dorothée

Here one of our artists talks about her life and how she ended up joining Sensa Nostra: