Spaced w. Madame Claude

Spacing out avec Madame Claude is pretty easy when you’re upside down.

Here, Julien of the Madame reveals her minx-y ways and plays by speaking on her behalf as though she were a human being, a friend.

Meet Madame Claude

1. What is your name (or nickname)?
My name is Madame CLAUDE, but most of people just call me gently Madame.

2. When were you born?
I was born on the 29th February 2007 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where I still live. It’s a nice date for birth, as you’re getting older slowly.

3. Who were you in your past life?
In my past life I was a karaoke bar and a brothel for American soldiers, but I don’t miss it. My current life is the best one I had so far.

4. What are you doing with your current life?
I’m spending most of my time hosting the bands I love. They are playing eclectic tunes: from indie rock to more experimental music. I’m also organising ping pong parties and music quizzes every Wednesday.

5. What are you really good at, as a human?
Hospitality! I care a lot about the people around me and do my best to entertain them at night.

6. What’s the first thing people usually notice about you?
I’m quite eccentric. I’m literally living in an upside-down world. My furniture hangs from the ceiling. So it might shock you if you’re down-to-earth.

7. Who would your ideal or nightmare visitor be?
My ideal visitor would be someone addicted to live gigs.
My nightmare visitor would be an heartless estate agent.

8. What would your fetish be?
I have hung a portrait of Laura Palmer in my entrance hall. It’s my lucky-fetish!

9. What, or who, would you date?
Anyone with a good record collection.

10. Where would you take your date?
I would take my date to my sister’s place. Her name is Marie Antoinette and she lives in Mitte. The view from her living room on the Spree River is amazing and has not disappointed anyone, ever.

11. Which club could you be seen at?
Definitely in Antje Oeklesund (Friedrichshain). I like the atmosphere and the soul of that place.

12. And ultimately, how do you contribute to the spirit of this city?
I am enriching my neigbourhood and the city of Berlin by giving interesting musicians and DJs a place to express their art. It costs only a donation for the audience, so people can discover great artists for the price they want. My living room in the heart of Kreuzberg is a meeting place for people of all kinds, to enjoy performances, to exchange their thoughts, or to simply hang out.

Thanks Madame Claude!

Madame Claude