Spaced w. R.S.V.P.

Saintlishly small, the R.S.V.P. Papier in Berlin-Mitte is your one stop for Moleskine or whatever you need to jot things down with shop.

Screw the secrecy of “Dear Diary.” Here we cut to the chase, and speak to R.S.V.P. as a human being, putting that pen to paper: “Unprätentiös, zart, ruhig” (“Unpretentious, delicate, quiet”), as the owner and creative director, Meike Wander, likes to call it.

Meet R.S.V.P.

1. What is your name (or nickname)?
My name is R.S.V.P. Papier in Mitte.
As far as I know I have no nickname. But who knows?

2. When were you born?
I was born in 2001 and adopted by Meike Wander in 2004. So far she has done a good job.

3. Who were you in your past life?
Just a dream.

4. What are you doing with your current life?
I give joy to the paper and stationery enthusiasts who find me.

5. What would you be really good at, as a human?
I would give people a short break for quiet contemplation and teach them the art of attention—attention for the beauty of the small things, for the everyday objects, that are made with a sense for quality. Hopefully I would also be able to give some relief from the overwhelming mass of products everyone is surrounded by.

6. What’s the first thing people usually notice about you?
How small I am.

7. Who would your ideal or nightmare customer be?
My favourite customer is the one who comes in and has a good time looking at EVERYTHING, taking his/her time and enjoying everything. Even if he/she leaves without buying anything—this is my favourite kind of customer.

The worst customer is a kind of spoiled rich lady/sir, coming in, standing in the middle of the room, having a short look around and asking in an arrogant tone, “DON’T you have the…?” and then leaving without a word of goodbye.

8. What would your fetish be?

9. What, or who, would you date?
Uwe Johnson for his careful use of language and for never putting down a word too much while drawing big and quiet landscapes in his book with just words.

10. Where would you take your date?
To the bridge between Bode-Museum and Monbijoupark on a September day with heavy clouds exactly at the time when the evening sun suddenly appears between and under the clouds.

11. Which club could you be seen at?
Oh, I am far too old for clubs.

12. And finally, how do you contribute to the spirit of this city?
I do what I want and what I love with as little vanity as I can, with as little regard to economics as possible, and a huge portion of ignorance towards prestigious objects.

Thanks, R.S.V.P.!

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