Meet the New Journalist Program Interns

I want to congratulate all the new members of the team for having gone through this intense first week.

Welcome to Rosie, David, Nick, Danaï, Sotiris, Rhiannan, Tristan, Heidi and Mags. Sensa Nostra is very proud to have them as a new part of our Journalist Intern Program. All of them are on their way to becoming excellent journalists. The ideas flowing this week have been incredibly rich and I can guarantee that their time with us will bring innovative and quality content to our readers.

They have gone through those 7 different introductory workshops so far:

  • Team Building by Marc Poggia
  • Finding Sources by Dorothée Grevers
  • Brainstorming & Socializing by Marc Poggia & Jade Frisch
  • Interview Techniques by Zoe Campbell
  • General Creative Meeting by Kyra Rose
  • The Writing Process by Brendan McHugh
  • Editing, Reviewing, & Finalizing by Kyra Rose

Here are a couple of snapshots of our week and the team:

Design Thinking Exercise


First General Creative Meeting

JIPcreative meeting

Social Dinner


Fun Communication Game


Transcribing and Editing


I also have to thank all the more senior team members who took the responsibility of running the workshops. You all did a fantastic job!

More fun and workshops to come, for a full 3 months of training. I can talk for all of Sensa Nostra when I say that this is also a fantastic learning curve for us!