Anorexics and the ultra thin in the media often come under scrutiny for exerting unhealthy influence on young girls.  We spoke to a model who aspires to be a thinspiration for other girls and advocates the ” thin is beautiful ” image. She tells us why she stays thin and how it positively effects her life.

When I was a little girl I was always fascinated by fashion and modeling. The models were so beautiful, glamorous, thin. I wanted to wear gorgeous clothes and be beautiful like them.  Now I am. My dreams have come true and I have become the perfect model girls and women want to look like.

I think I am very lucky to have achieved my dream, but some people and friends think I have fallen into a dangerous job that is unhealthy for my body and mind. They say I am anorexic and can see my bones. When I hear this, it only makes me happy to know I am thin. Thin is the biggest external display of self-control and glamour. These people who don’t like it, don’t understand the incredible feelings that come with looking like this. Kate Moss is right: Nothing taste as good as skinny feels. Fat people are jealous. Everyone wants to be skinnier, sexier, but most people do not have enough strength and control to be thin. They are jealous of people, like me, who can.

I have a good group of friends I work with. They are the people that understand. They understand the pleasure of feeling hungry and the satisfaction that comes from overcoming that feeling. It is difficult to describe how good it feels to know you have only eaten one banana or an energy drink all day, but you still feel and look great. It is a high to look in the mirror and see I have total control over my body. Only my friends at work understand these feelings. I can talk to them about it and we can appreciate each other’s hard work. For everyone else I have to lie and pretend. They don’t understand and tell me this is bad. I have to lie and say it’s an illness, or genes that makes me thin so they will leave me be. But it is not an illness. It is a life choice. This is my life and I choose to be beautiful. I choose to be thin.

It is freeing to be thin. I don’t envy other people’s bodies and don’t need to compare myself to other women. I am never self-conscious because I know my body is perfect, which gives me so much confidence in my life. I am proud of my body.

I do not understand why the media tries to change fashion and beauty. They say thin is unhealthy and that models should be fat and represent the people. That is stupid. Models are not meant to represent real women. They are supposed to be what normal, hideous people aspire to be, just like me when I was a girl. Models are to be idolized for their beauty, their bodies an inspiration. We are the ultimate in beauty, glamour and the unobtainable. If we used fat models, anyone could be a model and then fashion would not be glamorous.

I hope fashion doesn’t change. Thin will always be beautiful. And I hope I can become like one of the models who inspired me as a girl. I hope I can show some girls that if they work hard they too can be beautiful and thin. From there you have the power and self-control to do anything you like.

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  • Oblivia

    I think that I did not understand the point of this article…
    Anyone that has been through an eating disorder knows about this, you’ll get the “high” of the first starving moments. You’ll feel powerful and amazing at the beggings. You certainly do not look nor feel amazing and glowing after years of an eating disorder. any ed patient will give you that.

  • Hideous, normal

    What good can come of this article? This mentally unstable view point is unfortunately already widely acknowledged and the Beauty Myth propagated worldwide – why fuel this destructive fire that ruins so many lives either temporarily or more permanently? Yours, a ‘normal,hideous’ person.