New 2014 Sensa Nostra Space

This year has started well. After having been in a fantastic shared building in Kreuzberg, we decided to move to the up and coming creative part of Berlin called Neukölln. 


We got ourselves the entire 3rd floor of a shabby old factory and are currently renovating it to accommodate other creatives and so that it can be a warm place to work. It’s very well lit during the early hours and is on its way to becoming very charming.


We’ve named the space “Space D”. Our part of the workspace has:

  • a Social Area (for discussing sources and interviews)
  • a Brainstorming Table (square table designed for team discussions)
  • a Quiet Room (a room designed for concentration and pure thoughts, only whispering is allowed in there!)

It’s been a quick move but it’s slowly starting to feel like a Sensa Nostra home.