Drugs are everywhere. With a little bit of searching, a little bit of effort, you can find whatever you want. Most of the known drugs are illegal and the trade involved gathers more than billions dollars, euros, yens every month. We met a guy that helps people find their way to chemical happiness, he tells us the why and how.

There are only two things I’ll ever sell in my life, drinks and drugs. I’ve always been a bar tender during my working days, taking care of the customer, making them as happy or fucked up as they want, depending on the mood. Providing them a way out. It’s what drugs are for – legal or not. To be able to get away from the problems in your life, the fucked world that we live in, or what ever the motive.

There is almost no wrong reason to take drugs, perhaps with the exception of “copying your friends” but let’s face it, if all the youngsters didn’t want to take drugs to look cool, the market would be far worse for people like me. I sell everything I can find, weed and hash of course, MDMA, acids, all sorts of pills, ketamine, 2CB, DMT, and a fuck lot of other letters like that.

I am not going to lie to you, the money is good. It’s fast, in cash and a hundred percent tax free. It depends on the product but with a good source, it’s not rare to double your investment in one sell, buy it for ten thousands, make twenty out if it, easy stuff. No one controls the price of the market; you sell how much you want for the price that you decided. The only rule is supply and demand. Now, if by luck you are the only one to have a good quality product at a good price – then it’s done. It’s just a normal business where you have to build a client-base, advertise your product and gain the loyalty of your customers. Most dealers do it for the money. Broke students, crocked cops and retired people are far from the stereotypical immigrant selling drugs on the street. You just see the ones you want to see and conveniently, it fits your predetermined ideas.

Another common stereotype is the dealer doing selling drugs for the thrill, for me it’s the worst part of the job. Carrying stuff around, checking everyone on the streets, watching every car to try spot the police coming, it’s not a nice feeling. The higher up you are in the hierarchy of “the game”, the less risk you have to take. That is why the last piece of the chain, the street dealer, is called the fall guy. No matter what, it’s always him that is going to take it, the big guys can’t fall because you have no idea how big they are. Goldman Sachs was convicted for laundering money for the Mexican drug trade, policemen, senators as well as doctors, they all do it, in the end, I probably have the same boss as you, it’s just that for me, he or she will never be a pain in my arse.

Some might call me a death-distributor but they have it all wrong, opposite in fact. Unlike most of the people in my trade, I never cut; I always have a good product and always tell you how you should do it. I know where and how my products have been made. I know all the people from the small chain I am a part of. We are like bio. Having high quality ideas about drugs to make people able to expand their minds, find their truthfulness. I run a wonderful business of helping people, at least more than the one the doctors are doing, selling legal drugs to keep you alive and make you addicted to the big pharmaceutical companies.

I also take everything I sell. The old myth “never get high on your own shit” was made by people selling bad stuffs with for only goal to make the more money as possible. I am a user first, the deal part just happened without warning. You know the good people, you have a good source, a lot of friends, and friends of friends that want to get high. You are providing a service and a rather tough one. Throughout the world, small time dealers are serving years of prison time every day. The risk is big, but it’s worth it; for the people you meet, the experiences you have and finally the money you make. I’ve made good friends in this world, open minded people who just wish to play their cards, be able to make it at the end of the month. It also gives you an advantageous social status, being the provider, the cool guy. People depend on you to party and we all know how important partying is and always will be.

The last and probably the most important are the freedoms: you have your own hours, you balance everything the way you want it. No worries if whether I can take holidays or just stop for a couple of months off, I have no doubts whether my costumers will be here when I come back. I am truly free, it’s a good opportunity to be able to fulfill your dreams, put some money aside, to buy a new laptop, a dog, a house or whatever you want. Try not to be too greedy though, as it is the easiest way to fall. You always have guys who are willing to take all the risks in a short amount of time to make a lifetime income in one short deal. Everything is possible. And people know it.

I hope I replaced some of the typical dealer stereotypes commonly portrayed by films and other shitty series. The point is, even in so-called developed countries, anyone can become a dealer, if they have good motivation, to make it. If you think you have what it takes.

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