Have you ever dreamed of finding yourself having sex with more than three people? Well, this dream may come true if you visit the Mado’s libertine club in Paris. She offers snacks, drinks and, for those with the desire, sexual encounters. But don’t mistake this institution’s purpose for something it’s not—sex is just one part of the whole experience. Surprisingly, you’ll have to exchange more than a dick to enter this private circle.

I’ve always been described as extravagant. Even sexually, I quickly began to challenge the limits of a ‘man-woman’ relationship. My lovers were often invited to parties where real or pretend couples were sharing dinner, and usually much more. Let me explain how it all started. I was thirty-five, professionally successful, with no desire for marriage or kids. Today, in our society, women’s desires are still quite repressed. If you dare to express yourself, you’ll be quickly qualified as ‘bitch’, or even worse, a ‘nymphomaniac’. I’m not either of those things. I’m almost sixty-eight now, and for the limited time I have left, I would just like, from time to time, to enjoy sharing an intimate moment with other people who feel the same way I do.

I’ve seen a change in the libertine world since the advent of the Internet. Nowadays, with the specialised websites that offer chat rooms and video rooms, contacting other swingers has become a vulgarised endeavour. Every couple can declare themselves ‘free’ and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are. These people often interchange swinging with fucking, forgetting the social vision of libertinage entirely. The real ones don’t broadcast it, and it remains a wide but discreet circle. I should maybe define what a real ‘couple’ means in this world. Most are irregular couples who are looking for new excitement. They seek out libertinage because they already have an unusual sex life. With regards to married people, it’s usually a demand from the woman as well as the man because, for some personal reason, he can’t satisfy her anymore and she feels free enough in her sexuality to practice plurality. Of course, this is a rupture of the marital tradition, but it can’t be considered ‘cheating’, as they are both sharing this moment together. At the end of the party, they return, together, to normal life.

The reason I wanted to create the club was to preserve the philosophy of libertinage: sharing and respect. Those two words are important. If you’re not able to share your partner, don’t come. I’ve often seen women coming thinking they can handle the situation but then end up forcing themselves to participate. Usually these women come with the idea that it’ll save their marriage. They think that the accumulated sexual tension can finally be released. However, they’ll have a negative experience if they don’t respect themselves. It just doesn’t function like that. We all have to be willing people.

This is also why I don’t accept men under thirty-five. I’ve tried a few times, but it was always the same thing: they came late so as to not have to eat with us, they fucked badly and too quickly, with no desire to give pleasure, and they didn’t like to share the women involved, like they were some kinds of sex kings, parading with their naturally hard dick in front of the others. It’s true, a man who’s sixty-five—who may need Viagra—doesn’t look as good as a man who’s thirty, but that’s no reason to show disrespect. There shouldn’t be competition.

We accept single men who are often married in real life but their wives, once the kids are born, don’t want to get laid anymore. The reason they come is simple, to satisfy sexual desires in a more pleasant atmosphere than the backseat of a car in a nearby wood. But it upsets me when people, who know nothing about swinging, dare to compare my club with a brothel. IT is not the same at all. There is no relationship to money. I provide snacks and drinks in order to get the couples to talk to each other and to communicate in an open atmosphere. That’s why clubs like mine have a cost, but I decided to let single men pay for the couples. As for me, I guess I’m the connector, the one who likes to put people together.

The real key of libertinage is exchange. The definition of the French word ‘échangisme‘, (often translated as ‘exchange’) isn’t exclusively focused on swapping. It also includes a communication process. At the end of the dinner, we all stand naked in front of each other. We all reveal ourselves like we are, with our weaknesses too. Maybe there will be a woman with curves or a man with a little penis. Here, they find people who accept those differences. In fact, a woman with curves is able to be accepted in our circle because she can move and she can expresses herself here. It’s not rumour; I really promote acceptance. Some men are not as open-minded as we expect them to be and they refuse the women. For example, a man came one day, expecting to fuck some beautiful young models. He immediately left the club after seeing our women. He texted me after, accusing me of false advertising, calling me the “prostitute of Babylon”. I never understood this part, but what I can say is that I never pretended they were the ‘models of the year’. They are normal women, mothers, working girls, and wives. Those women have the right to have the desire to be fucked.

We don’t practice deviant things, such as S&M, gang banging, and fetishism. Although I am more than willing to organise such sessions upon request, I usually don’t participate in them, because it doesn’t represent how I feel in my sexuality. Every participant is free to say no. We would never force a woman to fuck another woman, even if bisexuality is common in the libertine world. Our gatherings begin with discussions, before we go into the ‘cuddling room’. After that, it all happens naturally. A woman with three men, two women and a dick, and so on. I try to moderate so that nobody’s left alone. In swinging, what I really appreciate is that the women who need time to cum can actually take it, because they know there are at least four or five men left for her alone. I don’t accept more than fifteen people at a time—I want it to remain somewhat private.

Another reason I’m selective is that I don’t want any uneducated people involved. I don’t let unemployed losers in my club. They can’t afford it and they don’t understand our philosophy. Plurality was, in the past, reserved for a certain part of the population: the bourgeois and cultivated social class. It is still similar today—you need both money and education to participate in the exchange. We don’t need men who have no external hobbies, those whose life’s ambitions are to dig their dicks into pussy. I often call my club a ‘cultural and philosophical association’—we discuss politics, art, literature, even erotic storytelling. We are close to the libertine way of life as described in the 18th century. Then, sexuality and culture were closely associated. Just look at Casanova’s life! By being able to discuss the concept openly, we actually find the real philosophy of plurality. It fosters sincere friendship. I can choose my partners and know exactly what these people will bring to me.

Being libertine is finding a balance between the sexual and the affective life. Our community is actually beginning to develop itself outside the walls of the club. I, myself, just met a member with whom I hope to build more—maybe a real relationship? Finally, I’m glad I can offer my members a place to find peace of mind in their sexuality, without anger or jealousy.

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  • Meep

    You guys really need a native speaker to proofread your stuff! This is the last in a long line of articles with obvious grammatical mistakes!

    • Rhiannan

      Thank you for your comment. All fixed! Our editing team is in the process of going through our archives and fixing things up as we find spare moments, but if you find anything else that needs tidying, you can let us know by emailing We appreciate it! 🙂

  • Tess Mauvais

    I would love to go to one of these Soirée….I have the same views the lady who has conceived this idea ! Does anyone know how I can make contact ???