A fighter, an entrepreneur, a possessor, a seductor, among those stereotypes of what defines being manly lies the false image of gender construction. Men are, more and more, perceived by feminists as a lost cause and some of them begin to be fenced in a vicious circle of hate and discrimination. A young man who is, by all means, feminist, shares his wrath against the gender performance and the way it is portrayed today.

Tits, ass, boobs and pussy, as a man, these words are the ones I hear the most when I am around other men. I am really, really tired of it. Every time there is a beautiful girl coming around they have to look her up and down. The glimpse of their eyes towards the breast or the hips is one of the most common reactions in the male gender. We were taught to only define the opposite gender by their holes and forms. Their bodies are what define them no matter how smart they are.

We need to change that vicious circle of pornification and sexualisation of the women gender. This has triggered too much pain already. Defend the abolition of gender or at least restore equality between them; this is an essential issue in today’s world. This objectification of the women through her body has gone so far that most feminist group do not allow any men to be part of it. The ones that benefit from the more media coverage are just haters as much as men are every day in the streets. Its answering violence with violence and we all know that it never works.

The Ukrainian group Femen has received media coverage from all over the world. Why? Because they were imitating the beauty criteria of the major magazines and showing their breasts; one of their protests before the London Olympics was against the allowance by the federation to let play the Muslim team women with a veil. According to them they should not have allowed those countries to let their women’s team compete. The Femen did not realise that those women are athletes before being Muslim and that they did not have a choice whether to wear the veil or not. In the end, the athletes would have been fucked both way, by their state that forces them to cover their hair and moreover by the good thinking feminist group that chooses not to recognise their sportive performance.

This is a good example of what is wrong with feminism nowadays. I know you will tell me that because male violence has been underway for thousands of years, the only possible reaction is with violence as well. That’s wrong. In all my fights, for equality and freedom, breaking things and yelling used to be the way I would argue, now I realised that it is better to explain, calmly. Of course sometimes you hit walls, and then you have to realise that eventually, while some people can be changed, many won’t.

Betty Friedan was a feminist American activist throughout the second part of the twentieth century. She did not have any hate for men; she said that it was as important for men to change their gender role as it is for the other sex. She said as much in her top-selling book “The Feminine Mystique”: “Men weren’t really the enemy — they were fellow victims suffering from an outmoded masculine mystique that made them feel unnecessarily inadequate when there were no bears to kill.” The mystique of gender, that’s what I am talking about. Each and every one is to be considered as equals, neither dominant, nor dominated, never in these terms – but as equals.

Of course, for a little, middle class white boy, that’s easier to say, I hear you, but tell me what am I supposed to do if I don’t want to enter that race for which minority is the most discriminated. All of them are, and instead of triggering hate, it should go the exact opposite way. Generate a feeling of togetherness, devotedness and intimacy in order to be able to fight together against all our oppressors.

It begins by changing the way men and women are defined, perceived and performed. The urgent matter is to change the mind-set of the male gender. Stop considering that you have to take everything in your own hands, that power must be yours. You don’t need to control everything. You don’t need to provide for your house, you wife or girlfriend is just as capable to do that as you are. Just please realise it. You’re the one doing the most harm in today’s world; the male domination has to stop.

Another important matter is how men perceive homosexuality. Thanks to pornification, two girls kissing or having sex together allow them to perform their gender and be women. It does not take back that part of their identity. It’s an all other story for the men. When a male is perceived as a homosexual by his gender pair, he loses his manhood. Penetration is not allowed for men, not in any way. Most men, even good friends will look at you in a very different way, feeling weird every time you lay your hand on his shoulder. It would not do any harm for some men to suck on a dick once in a while, see what it feels like. It may take off that feeling of having a trophy between your legs. It’s not. At least occasionally accept a little finger in your ass, you have to like it, it’s physical, any pressure against your prostate is going to make you feel pleasure, so don’t deny it anymore.

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