Prostitute, whore, escort, courtesan. Deemed the oldest profession in the world, prostitution is still deemed a job for women who have lost their way, been forced into it and have little self-esteem and no self-respect. But what about those who choose the business? We spoke to a woman currently working as an escort in Berlin.

I became an escort about 9 months ago. This is something I decided to do. I wasn’t coerced or forced into it. And for now, it’s something I enjoy doing. Sure I do it to make money, this is my full-time job and business, but I get enjoyment out of it too and wouldn’t do it if I didn’t.

My decision to become an escort was for various reasons but mostly it seemed I’d reached a point where my search for work, and my search for sexual satisfaction intersected. At the time I had only been in relationships with women for the last 6 years. My inherent distrust of men had meant I was unwilling to have a relationship with them or be used by them in any way. However after all these years I began to long for sex with men again. I couldn’t tell you why this was, maybe my biological clock kicking in, who knows. But I decided to run with it:

However I was sorely disappointed. My 6 year hiatus from hetro-sex ended with a guy singing his own praises telling me how mindblowing it would be, only to find he was a minuteman. Needless to say, nothing was blown, especially not mind. It then occurred to me, if this is the kind of nonsense I was going to deal with in my personal life, why not at least get paid for it? I was unemployed at the time and it seemed a logical way to make a living and at least get something out of this hetro-sex my body craved.

Now many believe that escorting, prostitution, whatever you’d like to call it, is nothing but objectification of women and disrespecting and selling your body, I believe that I have actually found myself worth and realized my value. I realize that a lot of porn and prostitution objectifies women, but this only happens because women have been taught they have no value, especially when it comes to sex. Girls are taught boys only want you for sex, telling them that they have no other value except for a man’s sexual enjoyment. Very few women realize the power they possess over men, but all women have this power. Why else would Muslim men insist women be completely covered?

I have come to understand my sense of worth and value and my power as a woman. I am empowered. Other women could do this too if they realized their worth. I’ve had times where I’ve been out with a client getting paid 300 for a night of bar hopping and giving a client company, and walked past hookers walking the streets, waiting for any guy to come along. If she only knew her self-worth she could be out there making more, enjoying it more. These women have what customers want and the ability to control it, they just needs to understand it.

I don’t say yes to everyone that gets in touch with me. Clients have to be respectful and contact me in the proper way. Then if I feel comfortable with them and I click with them, there’s no problem. Because I know men will always want this, I can choose to ensure that I have a good time too. If you’re not enjoying it it’s not worth it.

If I’m honest I think all women should be charging men for sex. Men don’t value anything unless they pay for it. As an escort I am wined and dined and the men are gentlemen and make more effort than any normal guy would, because they’ve paid for the experience. Men respect money. Nothing else. So if a woman hopes to be valued for what she is and treated properly by a man, she needs a price.

Maybe that seems unromantic or callous but I think it’s sensible. As long as women don’t know their value, men with treat them as if they have no value and use you for sex. The only way to fix that? Put a price on yourself before others do it for you.

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  • mario

    written under highly Manichean restrictions: men vs. women; bad vs. good; not the slightest bit self-reflective and if I follow my personal opinion: outright delusional when it comes to its convictions; There are so many good articles here (excluding style and re-working of story) this one just didn’t fit the depth; Also, a major red light here: objectification of women happens not because of women (and so the fault is not in women who failed to find their self-respect as this article prophesizes); (for the author: with the money you make out of your body buy a couple of books, and then a couple more)