Sensa Nostra Journalist Intern Program

A year after its first steps, Sensa Nostra has a strong enough structure and works with talented enough collaborators to develop a training program.

We found out that our storytelling based articles build the primary needs of any journalist. With those articles we build a database of first-hand sources.

Any authentic journalist has to acquire some arguments through first-hand sources that he or she has acquired. Sensa Nostra offers that experience. We do not tell our journalists to give way to their own opinions, but quite the opposite: to give a voice to their sources. Our journalists gain experience in listening, understanding, and asking the right questions.

This is a talent that can be obtained through the Journalist Intern Program at Sensa Nostra. We have an experienced Head of Journalism (Kyra Rose) who is fantastic in guiding journalists through the first steps of learning how to build a story-based article. Apart from the feedback given by the editing team, the journalists are then left to build their work though collaborative group meetings, workshops, and brainstorm  sessions.

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We are always looking for people to join our Journalist Intern Program, so if you are interested, feel free to send us your cover letter and CV/resumé to