High on Textasy

Words are everywhere around us but it is our interpretation of them that makes us and the texts unique. Both our interpretations and the texts can come in various forms: poems, advertisements, your social media news feed, books, etc. Sensa Nostra is here to help you explore the written word.

Introducing: Textasy

The Sensa Nostra drug for the intellectual mind.

Each text review contains:

  • a new exploration of an obscure text or a well-known classic text everyone pretends to have read
  • enlightening commentary on an individual or various aspects of a text
  • an innovative format that re-defines the word “review”’
  • ratings to put everything into a bite-size interpretation

Active Ingredient: a unique perspective


  • to help you broaden your understanding of the wor(l)ds around you
  • to inspire your to-read list
  • we read so you don’t have to

Dosage: take weekly

CAUTION: Literary overdose and loss of sense of time induced by the textasy of reading may occur.

100% natural. 100% organic content. Vegetarian & vegan friendly.  Gluten, caffeine, & sugar free. 0 calories.


Enjoy the ride.


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