Pavel Kabrt is a respected Czech religious activist who regularly conducts lectures and television interviews on creationist theory. He believes God created the world and dinosaurs cavorted with Adam and Eve while harmoniously chomping on Eden’s verdant bounty. He has spent the last 40 years converting atheists away from Darwinism to his point of view, and he’s convincing them.

Dinosaurs lived at the same time as humans and it seems that most of them died before modern times. The word ’dinosaur’ is only 170 years old. Myths about dangerous reptiles (also known as dragons) were spread among our ancestors from Europe and all around the world, even in Africa. These legends are far more credible to me then Darwin’s evolution theory. There is plenty of proof that people were forced to hunt dinosaurs because of their perceived threat to communities. These animals actually existed. We have found bones, historic records, and foot imprints.

According to the Bible, Earth is only a few thousand years old. It is a myth of science that the world is 65 million years old. Evolution indicates spiritual separation from our Creator. Evolution says that either God is weak or doesn´t exist. Neither is true.

Our ancestors weren’t lying when they were describing their meeting with dinosaurs all around the world and sometimes they fought them. These creatures lived at the same time as humans. Earth was created around 4004 BC.

Today, it is scientifically proven that these creatures lived at the same time as mammals. The name ‘dinosaur’ literally means “terrible reptile”. There are plentiful of fossils available for study due to their enormous size. We can assume that most of them died during the worldwide flood. But Genesis says that all the animals were saved on Noah´s arc, so we can also assume that they became extinct after climate change. Imprints of a human foot and dinosaur have been found together. Evolutionists claim it is a fake or imprint of another dinosaur that after time now resembles a human foot. Evolution theory became popular with people as they started the arrogant descent into atheism; great so there is no God, we don’t have to listen to anyone, we can do whatever we want.

Creationist theory is about revealing how life on Earth began, which is contrary to evolution theory. If Darwinian theory would be proved wrong, it would be an even bigger failure than the fall of communism. Evolutionary scientists are so afraid of all the facts and proofs that we have. They mock us. We will see who is more persuasive in the public market of ideas.

Evolution is a path to destructive atheism, the path of fascist and Marxists, and inspiration of racism and Nazi ideology. Evolution theory is disrespectful to knowledge itself. Evolution is nasty ignorance to our Creator. Evolution is stinky myth and self-delusion. Evolution is scientific masochism. It is an evil inspiration of madness. Evolution is a faith not science.

It is about the simple truth: Darwinists claiming evolution theory to be true are liars and evil. Let God be the judge.

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