What does the team think of Sensa Nostra: The Why? What? & How?

We asked our team at one of our creative meetings what they thought of Sensa Nostra. I grouped their answers and shared them with you. Here below is a collective of quotes of what they had to say about the WHY? WHAT? and HOW? of Sensa Nostra. We ended with the personal thoughts of why they decided to stick to the project. Publishing this is important because I do not want people to only get the co-founders views on the project but create a full transparency of what people taking part think of Sensa Nostra.


  • WHAT does Sensa Nostra do?

Sensa Nostra is an international collection of diverse, compelling, provoking, surprising, and always deeply personal experiences that shatter the ideas of the norm & are then exhibited through various forms such as illustration, text, & audio podcasts. – Dorothée

Sensa Nostra provides a multitude of angles on the issues or topics that define human experience. It’s a museum of Now. In some ways it’s an interactive time capsule in that it also provides a platform for discussion.  (As opposed to say Carl Sagan’s Voyager time capsule, now hurling through space somewhere outside our solar system). It gives exposure to interesting personal stories, alternative lifestyles and innovative ideas. These stories are digestible not only in words, but visually and aurally. Adding to the time capsule analogy, we chronicle and review works either influential or coming from alternative subcultures.  – Alex

Sensa Nostra is an alternative source of news, media and information. – Jade

SensaNostra is a magazine, Online and now in print with accompanying Podcasts that showcases interview’s and articles by cutting edge journalist about people who’s life experiences have led them to have experienced something that most of us never get to see. From drug dealers to devout Christians, Violent street criminals to People who have sex with Dolphins. Everyone gets there say. – Joe

Sensa Nostra is the voice of the zeitgeist, a collaborative exhibition of the collective human experience. – Brendan

Sensa Nostra is a visual and written exhibition of the personal stories/experiences of selected individuals from around the globe, living unusual lives in the present day. – Sophie

SensaNostra gathers human experiences to conserve the individual essence of time for contemporaries and future generations to discover. – Ilari

Sensa Nostra is difficult to define; alternative? Experimental? We are an open channel for real people to express themselves no matter how controversial the topic may be. Thanks to our fantastic and expanding network of illustrators and media professionals, each person we speak to is seen as an art form and is approached and presented as such. – Zoe



  • HOW does Sensa Nostra do what it does?

By finding or seeking out stories & experiences that challenge the assumptions & views our readers & we ourselves hold & crafting the interviews we do into monologue-style articles, illuminating artwork, & expressive audiovisual entertainment. -Dorothée

We write unwritten stories, as accurately as possible. we allow the reader visual and intellectual insight into the subject’s experience. – Sophie

SensaNostra was created by our founders Marc and Ilari who wanted to do something different and alow people without a voice to have one. Many aspiring or established writers, illustrators and  Multi Media artists agreed  and consider this project worthy of our time. Collectivity we work together to find those who have experienced the unusual and give them a platform to say how they feel about what happened to them or why they do what they do. – Joe

By providing our interviewees anonymity and freedom of speech we deliver the love in any experience. – Ilari

We interview, asking questions that dig at personal experience and encouraging uncensored honesty. We write the interviewee’s story as a first-person monologue, channeling that voice as faithfully as possible. We attract readers to new ideas with picture, sound and motion. The presentation also helps encourage exploration. Users are confronted by a sort of “wall of experience” when the visit the site and also have access to a random article feature. – Alex

Sensa Nostra attaches voices to the passions, fears, hopes, experiences, prejudices, ideologies, and peculiarities of our age. – Brendan

Through putting a face to the stories and issues that don’t receive much attention in traditional media. – Jade

The signature SensaNostra monologue article format and style of journalism is unique as it allows us, the journalists, to openly explore our chosen topic with the interviewee without imposing our own prejudices. This helps us to get to the heart and the poetic essence of the story. – Zoe



  • WHY, for you, does Sensa Nostra do what it does?

 To facilitate interpersonal connections through encouraging empathy & understanding in order to foster tolerance, consideration, & love between people to create a happier, better, & more tranquil world. – Dorothée

SensaNostra is here to deliver what the audience needs: Uncensored REAL accounts from REAL people. The media is saturated with disinformation which only serves to brainwash you, desensitize you and narrow your minds. SensaNostra is the antidote; to enlighten, entertain and educate. – Zoe

To open people’s eyes to the things that go on out of the public eye and giving a personal approach to stories. – Jade

By exposing its audience to the diversity of human experience, Sensa Nostra erodes barriers, fosters empathy, and poisons egos. – Brendan

-Give an alternative to the definition of this generation as “Generation ME ME ME,” both by creating an archive and by allowing readers to get outside of their own egos and place themselves in the context of a global society.
-Increase people’s notions range of what’s possible for themselves.
-Foster creativity, discussion, bring more understanding to people in an attempt to move toward a more accepting community. – Alex

SensaNostra preserves bits of reality that would other vise be lost in the shallow spheres of social and mass media. – Ilari

Sensanostra was created to give a voice to those in the margins of the masses. The world media often just portrays  those who do not live in a conventional way or have experienced the extreme or unusual as freaks or  tarnished victims. Or at best applauds these people with decadent voyeurism. We at Sensanostra wished to give these people a chance to say how they feel. – Joe

To allow people the chance to gain a fresh perspective on the ever-expanding society they live within. To aid/raise/intensify awareness and acceptance of diversity. – Sophie

  • WHY do you personally take part in the Sensa Nostra project?

Personally, I value being a part of the Sensa Nostra team because I believe that everyone has a story to tell, whether they realize it or not. I consider it an honor and privilege to play some small part in sharing these stories with others. – Brendan

I work for SensaNostra because I lead and unusual life, traveling without money, obeying my conciseness and not paying any mind to the rules. My writing style is somewhere between Review and Neo-Gonzo adventure story. I write about My travels and the Music festivals I go to. In a world were most music or entertainment journalism is a bland, name dropping repetition of band and genre names ,that tell you nothing unless you already know and “What inspired you to make that track questions?” Marc and Ilari saw my style as something different and interesting and asked me to come on board. Which I gladly accepted. I see SensaNostra as a light in the darkness of conventional media and a great platform for my work. And after all  Facebook or a blog is just  creatively pissing in the wind and there no way to get a drink out of it.   – Joe

I hope to expand my own consciousness, collecting characters, ideas and experiences that should be shared, that I might communicate through my fiction writing. – Alex

I love discovering & learning about so many unusual & fascinating opinions, experiences, & perspectives. (The crazier or more thought-provoking, the better!) I really appreciate how every time I read an article, I’m forced to reconsider & question my own beliefs. It is a privilege to be given this ‘borrowed sight’ & Sensa Nostra’s personal style highlights the many shades of humanity in such a way that even if you disagree with the ideas expressed or the experience is entirely foreign to you, you still feel a sense of connection. There is always at least something you can identify with, giving the thoughts described in the articles faces and making them more human. When people discuss and share our work, I’m reminded of how our work is relevant and meaningful not only to us as a team, but also to important debates taking place around us – whatever the themes may be. And finally, the process of bringing the experiences to life is challenging and incredibly fun. As a journalist, I get the freedom to write about whatever topics I wish while having the honour of working with a wonderful team of multi-talented, international, and amazing individuals! – Dorothée

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