Animal Communication

Do you believe in ESP? What about telepathy, intuitive communication, or a sixth sense? Marta Williams does. As an animal communicator, she works with animals of all breeds and species through intuitive communication to help resolve their problems, mend their relationships with people, and sometimes help them find their ways back home. She tells us her story, and how you can learn to chat with your cat too!

I started out working as an environmental scientist, doing everything from wildlife rehabilitation to studying the effects of toxins in the environment on wildlife reproduction. At that point in my life, animal communication was just another made-up storyline fit for a science fiction novel. I discovered animal communication when I went on a vision quest and someone told me there was a person in my area who taught the skill. The thing that finally convinced me it was real was my cat, Jenny, nose-to-nose talking with a squirrel. I was looking for means to really help animals while also bettering the environment and world around me. I had been searching for a way to fulfill those wishes but not finding a proper outlet through my previous occupation. When my eyes were opened to the truth, I knew what I had to do. Be careful what you wish for, as they say!

When I began to work toward communicating with animals, I was not exactly a natural. I simply had the drive and ambition to get better in order to help and share the skill with others. Everyone has an inclination for intuitive communication, whether it be with animals, people or even nature. We, as humans, are animals ourselves, and we communicate. Why should we not be able to communicate with other species?

I personally feel that intuitive communication is the new frontier of science. My belief, however, opposes the consensus held by my peers in the world of science. Advancing the use of intuitive communication would greatly benefit both people and animals. I mainly work with domestic animals and the people who live with or work with them. The overall idea is to connect emotionally and mentally with the animal and then convey messages to them through thoughts, images, emotions and feelings. The ability to communicate intuitively is an ancient practice that was common in all indigenous societies but has been lost due to misuse and neglect. I think we are all born with an innate psychic ability. This ability is often referred to as ESP or a sixth sense. People simply use touch with the ability to communicate in this way as they grow up. It is not necessary, so they don’t work to develop and maintain it. I teach people how to recapture these abilities and become more aware of and in tune with their intuitive feelings, as well as the messages they receive from other people and animals.

At first, communicating with an animal may feel fake and unnatural. You may feel like the messages you receive are just things your mind made up. Once you have the hang of it though, the feeling is indescribable. You have to go back and examine every piece of information you received and try to decipher what the animal actually means. After a bit of practice, you will be fully aware that you are not making things up but that the animal is indeed communicating intuitively and responding to you. At first the process can be tiring, but with time and work you will adjust.

As it is between people, every conversation with an animal is different and unique in its own way. I find that it varies due to the individual and not the species. Although I must admit, cats can be a bit snobby and wild animals are not as trusting or open. It may be hard to believe, but communicating with animals is not that much different than communicating with other people. People can communicate intuitively as well and when asked, I also do readings with people. The overall process is the same and anyone can do it if they get in touch with their intuition and work for it.

Through my abilities I’ve been able to help a lot of animals and the people connected to them. Helping people find their lost pets is a very rewarding experience. I’ve also had a few funny, but ‘happy ending’, tales, especially when it came to behavior issues. One recent case was a cat who was constantly relieving herself outside of her litter box, to her owner’s obvious dismay. When I connected with her she confessed to me that she actually didn’t have a problem with using the litter box, but absolutely couldn’t stand her owner’s husband! My intuitive connection with this cat really helped to solve this amusing problem, even though it was a pretty wild ride to get there! Another really interesting case I had was when a horse was telling me that his teeth were causing him very bad pain, though the owner had already been told by a professional that the teeth were not the problem. Eventually, a horse dentist proved that the teeth really were the problem! I should have given up when the owner told me that the teeth had been checked out already by a vet, but often times intuition can defy logic!

As I said before, anyone can communicate intuitively, if they learn how, with both animals and people. All it takes is the desire, a bit of patience and a lot of practice and dedication. I truly do believe that intuitive communication is the leap that could bring people and animals closer than ever.

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