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Theta Healing is a method of self-discovery through concrete processes, guided by certified teachers, that reprograms one’s subconscious through meditation. Theta Healing consists of self-actualization sessions which are not oriented to any religion or spirituality. They offer the participant specific tools for building one’s future, which you can connect with his or her spiritual beliefs if you so choose. Kida Noyman is a certified teacher of Theta Healing. The technique has played a part in her finding her own spiritual path, and she now brings it to others as a way to help all human beings break free from their self-constructed limiting beliefs. Kida explained the benefits of Theta Healing to Sensa Nostra. 

When we think about who we are, we remember our past. We recall what we have been through, our suffering. In fact, we build ourselves upon a bundle of ideas or memories. We keep the remembrance of the previous suffering alive, even when it is not part of the present anymore. Look around you. What you remember only exists in your mind, but you are not in this situation anymore. The past is not even old, it is dead. And you would not build yourself upon something dead, or you would be too. We so much prevent ourselves living in the present that we stick to reproductions of the patterns of our past, instead of creating our future.

To become who you truly are, you need to get rid of all your beliefs about yourself. Human beings are not as determined as we think. This is a choice, a belief. You think you are, because of your previous experiences, because of what you have learned. But you need to understand that we are completely free. We are accountable for the way we understand our reality. And you can change your own reality. It is up to you. Human beings are free to create their own reality. But this can be frightening, because forgetting about what you know means that you will be lost for a while.

People like to wallow in their problems. It is quite strange. It looks like they take delight in it. They prefer to see their problems and not their achievements. This will always bewilder me. But look: problems are familiar. They are people’s clutch on the security they want. When you always encounter the same problems, you know how to explain them. And that puts people at ease. Knowing, but not really solving their problems. We do not change these patterns. If you are struggling with a particular topic in life, find a way to solve it.

I had a period in my life in which words frightened me. I reckoned that communication with words was not one hundred percent efficient. How could you guess what was the other person’s meaning for each word? How could you determine his own way of fathoming reality, if he does not put the same meaning behind your common tools? It is frightening, but it is a mistake. Actually, we think that we are our mind. But what about our body? We are completely dissociated from it. We neglect its sensations, its insights, its intuition. But is not the mind the easiest thing to trick? Whereas our body does not lie. We can delude ourselves with words, but not with sensations. In fact, we forgot how to listen truly to ourselves. And taking the body as the first tool to perceive reality actually turns the whole thing upside down. Passing over the symbol of words is actually the best way to entail a change.

Our ways to fathom reality and respond to it are induced by our beliefs. They are conclusions we infer from what happened as children. First they are appreciations we have built, and then they function as programs of the self. We are not even aware of this. And even if you can acknowledge some of this with words, words will not fix it. These beliefs induce patterns happening in our lives. As an example: a child that used to be mocked at school will fear being disregarded and disrespected. As long as he is stuck in this belief, he will reproduce the same scheme. Behaving in a certain way will attract the interrelated behaviour, so to say, the people who used to mock. It goes round and round in circles. Thinking about what we think is not the key.

So we have to find other solutions. Other means to get rid of what hinders, and even hijacks us, from expressing our potential as human beings. Everybody knows to some extent what I am talking about. Sometimes you feel that you can achieve whatever you want, and other times you feel that you are not good enough. You are blown to and fro. You sway between those two different mindsets and there is not much you can do about it. This is because antagonistic beliefs are struggling to be in power of your self. This is your inner conflict. Your self is splintered, and as long as you cannot intervene at this level, you cannot solve it.

An easy solution is Theta Healing. Let’s be clear about it. Theta Healing is a method to gain access to your subconscious. Theta waves naturally occur in your brain when you are in deep sleep. This happens when you meditate, too. This particular state allows you to be in a dreaming condition while being still awake. It tricks your brain so as to be unfastened from raw reality. At this stage, you can make your brain believe whatever you want. You have access to the beliefs you were determined by, and now you are powerful. You can track the wrong beliefs you had, and replace them by other ones. Theta Healing makes you quit the automatic response you had which entailed the same patterns in your life. Essentially, ou reprogram your subconscious, and download new programs into it. By reprogramming your subconscious, you can become the person you truly are.

I am a Theta Healing teacher, but I prefer to compare myself to a stewardess. I just help people with entering the state of meditation, and then guide them a bit. But I do not tell them anything about any theory of life, or whatever. People only find what they were looking for by themselves. What they understood, what it brought to them, is the fruit of their meditation. Not of my voice. My work consists in adapting my attitude to the different people I work with. I have to calculate how much I will have to encourage, and predict any likely problems. It really challenges me. The only thing I cannot stand is people who think of themselves as victims. I am helping people take responsibility for their own lives, to listen to themselves.

A Theta Healing session has similarities to meditation or yoga. But the difference is that we dig deeper into the subconscious. When we try to track people’s beliefs, we can come across something else. It is astounding. For example, a woman once told me about the making of ancient samurai swords. But in this life, this woman is a chef. And she told me thereafter that she had not the slightest clue about this memory. When you enter your subconscious, you do not only enter yours. We can connect to the collective one. We are able to connect to this huge library of human knowledge, which has been collected by all of humankind’s experiments.

There is much more to life than what we see and what we are aware of. You are part of something bigger. There is mystery in life, and we should accept it. Your intuition, the voice or whatever you hear in your mind, which feels safe and right, is something real. No matter what you call it. For some this comes from angels, for others it is just intuition. But you need to listen to that voice, because it is not deluding you. If it feels authentic, then just trust it. If you want to achieve your potential, you need to follow your own track, and not just the one paved by society. Truly feeling you are on the right path does not come from doing what society expects from you.

Practising Theta is, for me, an egoistic thing. If I am the only free person in this world, then I will be bored. I want to live surrounded by free people who are listening to themselves, attached to their hearts. Theta is the easiest tool I have found to evolve so far. I think everyone should know about it, but it might not be the best solution for everybody. I really feel that I am doing something meaningful when I help people connect with themselves. I feel that I get attuned to myself and the universe. I have found the way to bind together my spirituality and my activity. Spirituality is helpful, but it does not wash off all your problems. You will still go through pain—but evolving needs pain. Finding harmony with yourself is not something that lasts. You will still go through seasons of the soul. This is logical enough. Life is something that moves on, and so do we.

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