One radical Brit believes we need to reshape our immoral society saving us from the over-sexualisation of our society. He claims we have corrupted core values and destroyed the institution of marriage.

I am here to discuss my burning disappointment in couples who disparage the sanctity of marriage and chose to indulge in sin. Modern relationships are despicable. The total sexual partners of the average person are counted with more than two hands, and STD’s are present in everyone’s portfolio.

In our society, individuals, both men and women, seek the selfish pleasure of sexual intercourse and forget the beauty of this sacred act. It is no longer two bodies brought together to create life. Contraception has allowed people to follow selfish sexual desires and ignore their responsibilities. Women wait until their wrinkles are obvious enough to bear a child. It is a woman’s natural responsibility to bring future generations to this world but has become less important than exploring the pervasive, liberal sexuality of youth.

The “sex sells” marketing strategy has brought a sexual connotation to everything we do: The clothing people wear, the cars we drive, perfume we spray and even the furniture in our houses have been soiled by perverted sexual marketing. Is it no wonder that girls, as young as 13, are indulging in the heinous sin of pre-marital sex when all around sex is forced into our minds and promoted as fun and frivolous.

These shallow beliefs are degrading the sanctity of marriage. The divorce rate is appalling. In the states, fully half of all marriages end in divorce. “Till death do us part” is long gone. We are losing the real importance of a relationship, which is to take time to work through problems. Relationships take work: Marriage is the opposite of selfishness; it demands mutual respect.

A study of marriages showed there was a greater chance of divorce for individuals who have a very high number of sexual partners. Here we have the root of the problem. The social pressure of sexual experience before marriage has gone too far. Let us come together to stop the brainwashing of youth with brazen sexualization. Take your children to church before it is too late! Give them the right education and make them see the error of their sinful ways.

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