In The Name Of The Lord

23-year-old Dean Saxton, AKA Brother Dean, may not use the most orthodox methods to spread the word of God, but it is proving to get him attention. Brother Dean is an open-air preacher of the gospel at the University of Arizona, where he studies Classics and Religious Studies.

“You Whore,” “You Deserve Hell,” “Women Belong in the Kitchen,” and “GAY – God Abhors You” are just a few of his favorite messages that have acquired him an international following, but perhaps not quite the one he had hoped for.

As a self-proclaimed anti-feminist, who also accepts being labelled as a homophobe, is Brother Dean really a good Christian just trying to spread the word of Christ? Or is he the closed-minded, hateful person he is often portrayed to be in the media?

I was born and raised in Arizona as a Christian. My mother converted to Christianity at around sixteen. My dad was pretty much a missionary kid, a Christian. I went to school just like everyone else, mostly private Christian schools.

My Testimony: After starting a lifestyle of prayer and bible reading, I started to feel this need to preach, this fire! It was like a fire locked up in my bones. I want to see people saved, to know of heaven and the terror of Hell.

There are so many students at the University of Arizona, most of whom don’t even know they are headed to Hell. So I decided the only way for me to help get the message out to the masses is to preach, and I plan on continuing to do so ever after I finish university this year. But first, I need to see where I can go and what I can do. The ultimate dream would be, I guess through a Christian lens, that Jesus Christ eventually will come down and reign—that’s called the one-thousand-year reign. Everybody would be Christian like-minded and things like that.

People can bring who they are to the table, everybody can be unique in their own sort of way. Some people are funny, some people aren’t. Some are extroverted, other’s not. As far as morality and truth, those things I believe are not so easily twisted and accepted by others.

I believe I was born a homophobe. You are either a boy or girl at birth. There’s just nothing normal about homosexuality: the voice, the walk, the style, the confusion as to what you are, or the fake sex.

The truth is Jesus Christ can set these freaks from their sin. They can choose to go in a different direction. To say that you are born with a lifestyle is foolish. I just can’t understand why anyone would want to go through the back door, when there’s a front door. The front was specifically made and designed for entrances. The back door is for when you want throw out the dirty waste.

The majority of Americans hate gay, effeminate, queer-cuddling faggots. But everyone knows that, so I’m just preaching to the queer.

I am also an anti-feminist. I do believe men and woman are equal, but they have different roles. God created man first in the image of God—to be the breadwinner and worker. He created woman with a womb to have kids, stay at the house, and keep that up. It’s not like it’s not a job, but yeah.

I’m not completely against women in the work place. The thing is, I believe if you are committed to a relationship, you are committed to what’s happening. I would hate to find the love of my life and see her to go work when we have kids. I would have picked her because I want her to raise the next generation.

I don’t believe in sex before marriage. I don’t find it hard—being raised in a Christian home. Of course, I get tempted sexually, but it’s not hard to ignore. I’ve had a girlfriends in the past; I used to dance and things like that. The biggest thing for me is that—typically this applies to men as well—women who are open to sex before marriage, for me, do not have a high personal and moral standard. That is one thing that kind of has been a huge drawback for me. It’s built into my character not to do that. It’s not even conceivable.

For me, as a Christian, you reap what you sow. It’s interesting how some girls justify exposing their thighs, revealing their butt, showing their back, when there is so much to their face, so much to their character, so much to their personality—or is there?

Now as a man it’s difficult to just take one stroke of my little sharpie and generalize them as mostly all whores. But as a Christian their hatred is so apparent, so visible, so arrogant! There must be a hard message to destroy their strongholds. Well having a sign about these girls being whores, exposes their hearts like nothing else.

Just because I have these signs—like “You Deserve Rape”—does not mean I believe every woman should be, or you know, a man should have the right to do that.  If you intentionally plant a sensual seed in the man’s mind, you will deserve it.  I know the feminists take this a lot more personally. Men are visual and women not so much.

I would say I do use a lot of methods and tactics to grab attention. For me, I believe there are about six stages to capturing an audience’s attention. The first is trying to get as much attention as possible. By the sixth stage, that’s when most people are infatuated. By the sixth, people calm down. They listen. They talk.

I know my method is considered controversial, but I would be just like everybody else if I didn’t preach this way, and I wouldn’t get my message out. This is very biblical. I believe I’m very respectful. I don’t hit people, I’ve never thrown a stone at somebody.

I realize my words are really cutting into people. That’s the content like how a doctor cuts people to heal through surgery. Hopefully what I’m doing is more like if your friend is overweight and you say something. They might be really offended initially, but they may consider the comments later and change. I’m trying to get people to change by what I’m saying, really calling them what they are.

Most people, if they got to know me, would know I’m quite a reasonable person. There’s what I portray, and there’s what I really am.

Who I am throughout the day, most people see is the most extreme, crazy stuff I do to get attention, to get a crowd. But yeah.

Whether people hate or love me really doesn’t matter. I believe in my whole heart that what I’m saying is true. So how they react to me is how they are taking the truth of who they are.

Jesus also said, “Woe unto you when men speak well of you.”

So the hate is to be expected when you’re dealing with people who hate God. If a man of God is accepted by those who hate God, he’s not delivering what God actually thinks. He’s delivering compromise. The cost of following Jesus without compromise, without fear, unashamed, will always come at a huge price, everything.


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  • Berny Berstein

    He was born a homophobe? Sounds like he has an allergy to it like one would nuts. I think that’s a testy comment to make. Does he also believe one can be born arachnophobic? Or does that mean I was born with a natural distaste to bananas? Did God create me bananaphobic?

  • Glenn Benjamin

    I know Dean to be a commited Christian and the truth stings to those that have no love for it. Preach on brother Dean.

  • Badbull

    So people can now born to hate gays but gays can’t be born just like that?

    I’m gay and proud to be one of the very few in this world. But i don’t have the voice, the walk or anything, people always assuming i’m hetro. Am i therefore (according to what you are saying) normal or not? all i’m saying is that you put this group in a category of wich they’re not all into.
    And about the ‘you deserve rape’ thing: You say quote: “If you intentionally plant a sensual seed in the man’s mind, you will deserve it.” Isn’t that the same what your parents and everyone else who are headed the same direction is doing to each and other? You were born with a empty mind, like a blank canvas. Your parents and some people around you put thoughts (christianity seeds) or as i like to call them sins into your head. and you choose to stay on this path. Even if you are mentally harming other people. People with different believes than you. Therefore don’t you deserve to go to hell? I think you are; you should respect other people and don’t judge something you don’t really know about… I’m trying to put a message to you and give yourself a good self reflection… you might be 23 but you have the mind like a -215 year old one.If Jesus or god would have existed they would show me some signs or come to my dreams or even just come down to earth to have a talk to me. And not let some other human being put out the message to another human being, i mean one way or another; the original thing can say it’s words the best way possible…

    Badbull, Holland