Help from the Underworld – What Dark Magic Means for a Sorceress

Dark spirits, magic circles, talismans, and swords are some of the tools you use as a sorceress. A real professional of dark magic tells Sensa Nostra about the rules of the underworld and how dark magic became her lifestyle.

Magic is a set of knowledge put in place in order to attain a specific goal and obtained by non-human forces—in this case, spiritual deities. Black magic, specifically, is the use of magical techniques which utilize the power of dark deities (spirits of different hierarchies of the underworld, depending on their powers). Actually, that term was created by modern society. In ancient times it was known as ‘witchcraft’, or ‘the art of sorcery’, but a colour wasn’t defined. Many people are confused by the concept, and think that just because it is ‘dark’, dark magic must be bad. Yes, I can irreversibly damage someone, but I can also help solve problems without hurting anybody.

Magic can be learned. Although some are born with the gift, others have to teach themselves. I have the gift of clairvoyance, foresight, which comes in quite handy. But people who aren’t born with any magical powers can still become great sorcerers, wizards, or witches. All you need is a strong mind, a teachable spirit, and wisdom pacts with spirits such as Mephistopheles, a dark spirit, or Jehovan, a white spirit.

The power of magic is not a human invention. There are spirits that exert power through us. Once you learn how to do it, there are millions of infinities of hierarchies of spirits which you can ask for help. Both the infernal spirits (Leviathan, Lucifer, Sargatanas, Satanachia, Barbatos, etc.) and the heavenly ones (Adonai, Elohim, Zenith, Jophiel, Zadkiel, etc.). Depending on what you want to do, you will request the help of one or the other. I mostly use magic through rituals and invocations to talk to the spirits. I talk to the deities in ancient Aramaic or Latin languages. Sometimes these kinds of rituals require certain magical tools, such as the chalice, sword, daggers, incense burners, talismans… It depends on what is needed in each moment.

It took me a long time to become as confident as I am now with my magic, even though I was born in the magic culture. My mother was a witch. She instilled in me the art of magic, and she taught me many things. At the age of five I started getting interested in magic. I remember spying on my mother when she was attending some clients in my living room. She scolded me and said, “Go play! Go away, don’t be nosy!” But eventually, she introduced me to most of what I know today about magic. When I was fifteen years old, I joined the occultism ritual of the Mandrake. There I received my magical name. With this name spiritual beings were able to identify me.

I still remember the first magic job I did. It was very strange, because I was not used to telling a person about their life without knowing them before, and it became more intense when my client said, “Everything you tell me is true.” It was something that confused me, but you can get used to anything after some time. Over the years my professionalism with magic has changed, and now I am able to cure diseases, bring couples together, make people happy… People come to me because I am their last hope. When no one else can give them a solution, I do.

I remember something that happened on March 13th, 2006. A woman contacted me and explained how she was suffering from terrible pain; she was seeing shadows that enveloped her and tormented her. I made a simple prayer, thinking it was just something unclean that tormented her—but it didn’t work. We all know that diseases are unclean demons that disrupt lives. Many diseases are not natural, but instead imposed by evil people doing spells or witchcraft to destroy or kill someone. They also appear as very serious and rare diseases that doctors can’t explain.

The woman had a sad and pained look. I could ascertain from my experience that it was a dark spell. The first thing I did was clean her soul of negative energies. Then, I spent three days with her in the mountains, where I had already created a pentacle – the talisman of Venus. I started the invocations to call the spirits. The woman told me she could feel that her soul was torn when the spirits were inside. Now she was being healed. After twelve days she was totally healthy.

The rituals you are involved in require a lot of concentration, and above all, you are not allowed to show fear. Becoming a dark magician isn’t without its dangers. Entering scared into a magic circle could be lethal. You have to be confident to enter. The spirits will try to disconcert you, and try to take you out of the circle. Within the circle I am protected, but if I went out of it in fear, I’d be totally helpless. Many people have gone mad, lame, dumb, blind, or even deaf, after that.

Making my decision, I considered the many repercussions. Dark magic makes you connect with very strong dark deities, but they can also provide more help for the people around you than neutral magic would. And above all, dark magic has millions of secrets hidden within. It has applications to torture, cleanse, attract others, and even help you financially. For me dark magic is far more than a choice, much more than a profession. Magic is a collection of all my beliefs, and it is my lifestyle.

I don’t believe in non-magical religions, such as Christianity. Christianity has many ideas in common with magic, but I only trust in the fundamentals of it, not the current institution. In my opinion, it has become soiled, full of lies and greed. I do still believe God exists. He is omnipotent and created everything we know. I believe in life after death. This world is just a passing-through. We are not made of matter but of spirit, and the spirit is not of this world. The material life is a fleeting one. We were all born to die here, it’s true, but our spirit is immortal. People who have passed away communicate with another one in a spiritual way. We are light, so when we die, we will return to where we came from. I know real life exists, though I don’t know where it is. For sure it is not in this world. This world is just for learning. Even so, I believe that all kind of life, even the material, is something very precious. We should enjoy it every day. Tomorrow it may be too late.

For all these reasons, I have chosen magic as my lifestyle. I appreciate life and make use of magic to respect my environment. Using only what is created by nature and helping others makes me happy. Magic is gratitude, just like the ‘thank you’ I receive from people I have helped. Magic is a deep art that only a few artists can perform.

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