Too many examples exist of lovers letting the color red stand in the way of sexy times. Men have been taught to be disgusted by menstrual blood. Women have learned to keep what’s going on below on the way down low. Inspired by Jenna Jameson’s recent reference to blood in the sheets as “warpaint”, here’s a look at an alternative to menstrual timeout written by a fan of letting the good times flow.

Its happened to you. That feeling of panic when you’ve woken up to see you’ve soiled the sheets…while sleeping next to a man. A pang of shame runs through your body and a strong desire to run begins to be felt. It’s no alien experience. In fact in the privacy of your own room it happens more than
you would like to admit. Frankly, it’s inevitable.

The most disturbing thing about this experience is that it often leaves you feeling like you’ve revealed more to this man than you probably would have liked to. Exposing him to the fact that you’re (GASP) human. And as a member of the human race, have accidents here or there.

Utterly mortifying right?

It’s about time to change the common way of thinking, open people’s mind.

Allow me to insert here that dudes have been kept in the dark about this for an unforgivable length of
time. EVERY SINGLE MONTH of our adult lives we females confront a river of red. We don’t get to avoid it unless we alter our bodies natural thm in some chemically induced way. So why should our lovers get the best of the pussy but never have to confront the rest?

We too often keep the existence of our cycle under wraps as if our lives depended upon its secrecy. As if we don’t spend a significant portion of our time catering to the needs of our demanding vaginas.

Aside from the bright ass pink wrappers on pads (NOT that they should be as neon and noisy as they are), “feminine hygiene products” are encouraged to stay far out of sight. So far out of sight that guys are permitted and encouraged to remain clueless about them. In the meantime we go out
of our way to practice inconveniently discrete tampon transport and conceal the stains that are near impossible to avoid.

But I reckon there’s something most guys would actually like to know about our period: it can be one of the horniest times of the month for a woman. A time when our appetite for sex is most insatiable and a time when we feel equally deprived of satisfaction. All the activity going on down there can be rather stimulating and stirring up an orgasm is often a blissful relief from menstrual aches and pains. Meanwhile, many men will cringe at this mere fact of humanity, claiming that it is a filthy endeavor.

How unfair it is that sensitivity is at a peak at the very same time that men begin cowering from fear of a bloody confrontation. Why must blood be equated to filth? Supposedly, men never let a little blood stop them from doing anything hard, why then should the same philosophy not be applied when it comes to doing me? Above all, I refuse to subscribe to the idea that women should feel shame whilst their bodies are working as they should.

In brainstorming about this topic, I’ve met a ton of resistance in the discussion of this subject matter. Women who are disgusted and refuse to entertain even the idea of letting a man interact with her privates at this time of the month. Men who cringed and looked at me as if I had two heads for proposing a dialogue about it. My own proposition of sex while bleeding may have crushed the opportunity to prolong a potential sexual relationship or two. But I know what I want and I’ve often found that men are not so averted to being convinced. Even if it means I will have to get some from someone else.

One of the steamiest encounters I’ve had was with a gentleman who had no qualms about parting my red sea, he wasn’t scared of a mess, and he didn’t let it stop him from getting even closer. I was never so turned on at the sight of crimson across bedsheets–a vision I had come to fear out of anxiety and the possibility of rejection. His white sheets soon became rose red. By default I began to apologize, but he quickly assured me that it didn’t bother him in the least. He wasn’t about to let bloodshed deter us from basking in the heat of the moment. And the vision of his snow white skin streaked in warpaint only fueled my desire for him. Our encounter was more than a little tantalizing. It left me with the conclusion that there’s nothing sexier than a guy who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

Now I’m well aware that there are plenty of people who will disagree with me vehemently. Women who will cringe at this article and who prefer to keep their legs closed during this time of the month. Men who will laugh out of discomfort and refuse any further discussion. But before you decide which is your opinion, think about where the foundation of your reaction resides. Have you truly subscribed to the idea that menstruation is inherently unsexy or are you open to indulging the crimson wave? Have you ever evaluated your menstrual aversions from a place of personal exploration or are you allowing social norms to keep your panties in place.

It takes two to tangle so this message is for both sexes to consider a shift in perceiving undercover endeavors. Here’s to a chance to create pleasure from pain. To rid ourselves of a shame that plagues the center of our sexy times.

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  • Vrutac Dutenbru

    I am a an and digusted by that article, i’ll never have sex with a woman that is bleeding all over. What the fuck people ?

  • Jack Brown

    I loved it it makes me want to try it out fuck the rules! I’m a heading to be a pirate who isn’t scared of sailing on the red sea! Gulp