Constant progress in the audio article versions

Let me congratulate our audio/podcast team:

I am amazed by the learning curve of our podcast team! The audio versions of the articles, which are available online today, are just getting better and better. The readings are very fluent, the actors play around with their skills, and the sound effects only get more and more interesting! I would say that the intuition behind them is becoming subtler, so well done on that, Prince William, Esther, and Kellen.

Here is one of the latest episodes:

Once a week, we publish an audio version of an article. Sensa Nostra is working on creating read-out versions of all our story-based articles. At the moment we are working on building that up with our archive of articles you can already read on our site. So if you like this aspect of the project, make sure to share the SoundCloud readings with your friends!

Some of our reviews are also done in this new format; as you may have seen, our festival reviews are read out by CAPTIN (pretend) CRAZY JOE SKALLY-CROW himself.

Here is his latest review:

As you can tell, dear readers, we are working hard on making Sensa Nostra a harmonious experience. So continue watching our space!