Bare Pussycats

Finnish photographer Nick Tulinen was brought up surrounded by animals. Years later, Nick has combined his love for animal kingdom and woman figure in his Pussycats series. “If a model poses too much, I try to find a way to make her look more natural”, he describes the sessions. I got to talk to one of his recent models, Saara, who shares Nick’s passion for natural nudism.

I’d call myself a Berlin-based housewife. I have a very direct and open attitude towards my body. I’m happy with it in every single way, especially when moving in nature, swimming, or lying in bed with some lovely guy. I love to unwind naked at home, and I also enjoy the wide variety of Berlin’s naturist parks. Techno parties get me all wired up, and when the party’s really good, there’s usually a point when I have to take my top off. That’s when people know it’s getting wild!

I think people are at their sexiest when they’re friendly and smile. When I’m feeling sexy, I smile and flirt a lot – that’s happiness for me.

I got to know Nick last summer in a less-known, community-built sauna in Helsinki. I ended up posing nude on the rocks nearby, and when he mentioned his Pussycats project, I knew I also wanted to be part of that with my two very special cats. One year later, Nick’s work brought him to Berlin so it was time to make things happen.

I prepared to the shootings by cleaning my home, and hiding all the mess to my bedroom. Of course, that’s where he headed first for it’s most “authentic” look… We were lucky, as it happened to be one this springs’ first really hot days; fifteen minutes after we had started the sunset got pretty perfect, so we moved on to my roof terrace, looking over the park below.

There were really not too many things moving in my head during the photo session. I already knew how it would be to be photographed by Nick, so I just enjoyed the moment by staying present, and focused on taking the postures he was asking for. He’s great in the way that I don’t have to think; he directed me, and my cats, throughout the shootings.

Especially in the beginning, the cats made a fun addition to the photo shoot! We had to lure them (and occasionally force them) to the right place at the right time. Eventually it got bit strenuous, as they kept on meowing and moving around. My cats only stay in front of the camera for a blink, and they never watch to the direction they’re supposed to.

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