Sex is sold in America and it’s a billion dollar industry that churns out filth and negative influences. This young American girl, tried to escape the sexual perversity that fills American culture but her life suddenly took an unexpected turn. Having gone through an unwanted pregnancy caused by a sexual assault and an abortion, she shares with us her experiences and explains the lessons she learned, and why she deserves to have the right to choose what is best for her life and her body.

Did you know that the percentage of women raped in the United States is higher than the percentage of American women who smoke cigarettes, or travel to another continent, or can swim? Last year more than 18% of all women over the age of 18 reported being victims of sexual assault, and countless more rapes go unreported. Did you know that 1 in 15 rape victims become pregnant? I learned the hard way that sexual assault can occur from those who you trust and love.

I had no previous sexual experience when I was sexually assaulted by my boyfriend, I said no and at every insistence and every touch I continued saying no until the pressure and his disappointment became too much to bear, when I finally said yes; but this isn’t consent and even at 16 years old he should have known it, instead thanks through the influence of pornography and the appeal of men to ‘teach’ a woman to enjoy the act, my boyfriend at my every refusal, became more determined, insistent and aroused. I hated him for that but my low self-esteem, and the attention he gave me, kept me coming back again and again.

Several years later, at 18, I found myself standing naked and shivering in a strange bathroom, in my shaking hand was a positive pregnancy test, the line was blue -I was going to be a mother. I had sex with that same boy on a whim shortly before relocating to another country; I had finally escaped him, this negative influence in my life – and now I was pregnant by my ex and an asshole – and a constantly recurring figure in my life. Here I was alone in a foreign land with no family and no support.

I was scared, ashamed and alone. But I knew one thing – I wasn’t ready to be a mother. And here I was pregnant by a selfish, unsupportive pig that I had been trying to escape, I knew that I was incapable of caring for a child so I organised an appointment to terminate the pregnancy.

The hospital was big and white and smelled of bleach, and the waiting room was filled with hollow stares and faces streaked with anxiety and fear. Later in the ward I lay on a hospital bed, where next to me sat several other girls all post-abortion, unmoving and bleeding out the first traces of a foetus while their partners sat in the waiting room – there to support and care for their loved one and help them through this difficult process. But I was alone.

I’m here to tell you about my experiences because it is important for others to know what its like, to learn from my mistakes, and to understand that it was the best decision I could have made; the most responsible and the most mature. Despite my situation and despite the push of religious organisations that abstinence is the best contraceptive and that sex before marriage is a sin, I don’t think you should wait to have sex, but wait for someone who respects you; someone who cares for you.

I write this to defend the abortion, there are those who want to deny women the right to abortion, even despite the fact it may occur from a rape – what the fuck is wrong with you? It is my hope that reading this I can prevent unwanted sex from occurring, and it happening to someone else, but to explain that abortion is not wrong, what’s wrong is assholes trying to take a women’s right to make a decision about her body. I still want to have a child – one day – and when that time comes it wont be an accident, it won’t be inconvenient or scary, it will be a beautiful and I’ll share that moment with my family and friends.

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