The first official Warcraft wedding dates back to 2006 and since then, thousands of couples have met each other in the world of Azeroth later moving thousands of miles in the real world to get married offline. One woman, who claims to live her true identity as an Undead Priestess speaks about how the relationship with her fiancé both on and offline is more fulfilling than any strictly offline relationship.
My fiancé and I met on World of Warcraft, though I certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship. It just kind of happened. Our first in-game chat consisted of him yelling at me for stealing a chest in Duskwood. I am glad, however, that I did because it’s how I met a wonderful man who ended up becoming my husband both on and offline. We met in reality after a few months of gaming together and we hit it off instantly. Soon afterwards I ended up moving from Austria to Denmark.
It was difficult to convince my friends and family that this really was what I wanted, but after a while it seemed to work itself out. We have been living together for a year now and will be getting married in one month. I never intended to use the game as a tool to meet people, but after spending a lot of time talking to my fiancé we just realized how much we had in common. We equally share a love of gaming and understand each other’s commitment to it. So it’s not an issue for us. In fact, we’re extremely supportive of what the other does. He shares the happiness I feel when hitting certain milestones, like a good PvP rating, acquiring gear, or defeating an encounter. We have an understanding relationship.
Living in the same apartment has actually proven practical for us. While one of us goes to the kitchen to fix some sandwiches, the other one can multitask with both of our characters for a while. He’s the one who’s more often in the kitchen! My fiancé is a Guild leader and I feel honoured to serve him online, but in real life he still has to participate in taking care of our household. All in all, we take care of our mutual life and commit to each other in every way. Our love is deeper than any offline romance because we can commit to each other in both worlds. Even when I visit my family in Austria, I can still be there for him to help him with any of his tasks in Azeroth.
I think that developing a fulfilling relationship through WoW is actually more possible than through the typical dating websites. I mean, you already share a lot of common interest and have mutual friends so it’s easier to dig deeper, faster in the relationship. On dating websites it’s just random match making over the internet. The identity inside the game is as real as anything, and therefore a solid ground to start a relationship. In fact Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) can resolve the problem of shallowness that often occurs in typical dating. In real life you are forced to be present in your own body, while online you can be who you really feel you are. For me my Undead Priestess character is what I really feel like deep down inside. In this shallow consumerist world I think it would be great if people focused more on what’s inside rather than outside. In the end it’s our hearts that really make a relationship work. I love my husband, both, as the Tauren in Wow and the Viking that he is in real life.

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