Magic and Magick are different things and the ‘K’ on the end is used to separate the fiction from the real deal. It is a wide misconception that Magicians are evil manipulators or pull rabbits out of top-hats. We are all, sometimes unknowingly, practitioners of this ancient art-form whenever we manifest the things we want and sometimes we don’t even realise it. Andy, a magician explains the magical process and what you can benefit from consciously practicing magick.

I practice magick. I feel that the journey into the occult or magick is a never ending trip into the self and due to this, my life is constantly changing. When I first got into it, I felt like an outsider, I was very depressed and disenchanted with mainstream media, television shows, music, and religion and even with my close circle of friends. I could not understand what this was about but I now realise it was a calling to my true path. I just couldn’t stomach what was being forced upon my psyche and it was making me ill.

My main influence was and still is music, and I was drawn towards music that hadn’t been polluted by mainstream media, such as noise, black metal, punk and extreme electronics. It quickly became apparent that not only was this music and counter culture the perfect alternative that I was looking for but a lot of it also carried very strong political and spiritual messages. By doing more research into noise and black metal I was further exposed to Satanism and gained a broadened understanding of what exactly Satanism was. It showed me the mainstream was only one small and completely synthetic slice of the whole pie. Through my research on Satanism I began to read more into the occult, and what it offers, and came upon the works of the magicians, Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare. I interpret the word ‘Occult’ as nothing more than regaining the knowledge that was given upon conception by the universe but has since been blocked out, distorted and hidden by misunderstanding from external stimuli.

Many people are skeptical about the occult because they have become so influenced by what they have been told by others. If people have been repressed by religion/television/money/ parents into believing that there is an external force controlling everything, you develop belief patterns around this idea and these people become possessed by a disease I call Ego. The collective conscious of the planet is stripped away by this disease and replaced by a collective of disconnected people who are unaware of what is truly going on. It rots away all the knowledge and strength passed down from the universe and replaces it with itself. The symptoms are beliefs that everything that happens is somebody or something else’s fault and it’s nothing to do with them. The host is unable to realise that the ego could possibly be part of what they feel is wrong and it is never at ease.

Most modern religions have nothing to offer. They rely on dogma to control a population that never needed it in the first place. Almost every religion populates fear in their followers in order to control them. Fear and control, effectively blocks the brain and psyche from doing what nature intends; to be part of the beauty and diversity of nature as a whole. We are robbed of our power, individuality and self-responsibility. You become subservient and think less, so your body becomes lazy. This manifests in feelings of frustration as it malfunctions. Complacency can be unnatural because if you look at every known life form it learns and adapts to its natural surroundings. If humans and their minds become lazy, they will never become what they are capable of. Magick is a way to discover your true nature, how to live up to your full potential and thus keep free from disease as disease is counteractive to the purpose of all living things.

Magick does not have the capacity to be evil like some imagine it to be. In nature, there is no such thing as good and evil, only your true will. At the very basic level, people typically associate God with good and Satan with evil, so the fact that people believe that magick is evil speaks more about the religious corruption of these individuals than of magick itself. Evil was invented by those who suffer from the ego because they are blocked from looking within themselves for answers and so reject and externalise whatever they are unable to comprehend. When the whole self is synchronised, it works in harmony with nature. When the self is corrupted, nature is also corrupted, and as with all living things, sends forces from within to eliminate or change the cause of the problem.

The terms spells, magick and manifestation are usually banded about by people who do not understand them. If you wish to cast a spell and make a particular person fall in love with you, or to make an elephant disappear, you will be sorely disappointed. The kinds of spell-casting that I found personally effective are called Sigils. A Sigil is a symbol or physical manifestation of an intention created by the user. I feel that a Sigil is a tool that can be developed in order to help the user to gain access to the unconscious parts of the brain that are part of everyday life without most people being aware of. 95% of all human actions come from the unconscious, for example, if you fall you automatically place your arms in front of you to protect yourself. This process does not come from learnt behaviour but from nature, spells help to gain access to the unconscious. To make a Sigil, I write down my desire, “my desire is to be more in tune with nature.” I then follow patterns to reduce and arrange the letters involved into a single symbol. The most common form of “empowering” the Sigil is by holding it in your mind and releasing it during sexual climax, but the use of psychotropic drugs, meditation, yoga, exercise and fasting or any other state of mind where the unconscious is at the forefront works just as well.

Sigils can be funny because they do not always work in the way you expect. I created a Sigil to find a path in life that was right for me. It was my intention to find another job as I was unhappy with my current employment situation. The Sigil did not work (yet) in manifesting another job but has guided my path another way. I was on the cusp of giving up one of my true loves that is music, but after performing this Sigil, opportunities I never thought possible began to occur in rapid succession. I went from having no desire to perform musically to being booked for a performance abroad, after this show I was booked rapidly for several live performances and to this day the Sigil is still working. I’ve gained clarity of my true path which is clearly to make music and to let it be heard by the universe. The turning point when people noticed positive changes in me was when I had created a Sigil to help me with some money trouble. Instead of earning me money or getting me away from the troubles, I began to gain insight into what money really is. Money has become a made-up control tool used to enslave humans and draw focus away from what is truly important, such as your goals or loves. Once you gain understanding around this, you enable your psyche to take the power away from it. I no longer have any negative views or feelings of powerlessness surrounding money. I truly began to feel free and more enlightened in terms of where my focus in life should be. Like most people, money worries caused me to argue and disagree with those closest to me. Once I realised that my wife and the love I feel for her is on a much higher and spiritual level than a made-up control force, the disagreements ceased.

Knowing that any attack on the unconscious body and self can be counterattacked by looking within clarifies that these defects are nothing but externalised fallacies and by simply removing the power we give them, they become null and void. As I realised that all living things are inter connected I became a Vegetarian; if all animals are part of a greater conscious then surely they should not be absorbed and I have felt physically better than I ever previously have. Before I discovered magick I had been both physically and mentally unwell. I was hospitalised several times often ending up in the Intensive Care Unit due to my having Diabetic Ketone Acidosis a side effect of my Type 1 Diabetes. I feel this was a direct result of the mental state where I simply didn’t care about myself, my body or others around me. In my naivety I believed that the state I had gotten myself into was the fault of something else; it wasn’t my fault I was diabetic, wasn’t eating correctly, and so on. After these several scares I became aware that the only thing that would make me physically better was I. By looking into the occult, the process of understanding the ‘self’ and what I truly wanted, I have better control of my diabetes and the effect that it is having on not only my physical body, but my mental state as well.

Magick has helped me to look at the wider picture. When I realised every cell and organism are different expressions of the same thing and that the universe is all interconnected, I no longer feel like an outsider but as a part of a greater conscious. I have realised through the use of magick that depression is nothing more than the self being unable to appreciate its potential and by synchronising the subconscious with the conscious reality it becomes possible to combat these un-natural forces that cause this disease.

I will never claim to know all the answers, but I believe that if humanity manages heal the ego and gain the knowledge that we are all part of something much greater then we can work towards a universal harmony. If what I believe is true then every cell, plant, human, planet, galaxy, solar system, and cosmos, is part of a growing, living organism; the sum of the parts make the whole. If humanity slowly tuned into what it is truly part of, there are limitless possibilities and directions in which we can positively affect and change everything around us. If you are stuck, why not give magick a try?

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