Spaced w. Lena Hoschek for FW 14/15

A special Spaced interview with Lena Hoschek for Sensa Nostra.

at Weinmeisterstraße 8, Mitte 

With fashion week underway and knocking down the doors at Monsieur Wong, I decided to duck around the corner to Lena Hoschek’s delight of a boutique. Here at the heart of Weinmeister you can find fabrics, patterns and prints all cut from a wonderfully inspired place – Lena herself. With two shows a year and a family along the way, Lena seems to effortlessly balance her a playful character with a practical business mind. Prior to her Autumn / Winter show just today, I caught up with Lena to find out more.

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What story does this season’s collection tell?
It’s about the woman. The woman in all her dramatic roles and about the female body.

Where did your own style develop?
I started to dress differently as a teenager – like most of us ; ) it was important to me to stand out as a girl – the common fashions back in the mid 90s weren’t very feminine nor playful, so I started to shop for vintage – cheerleader skirts for example.. some of my first original 50s dresses, I bought at the age of 15. The more I grew up, the more I vamped up my wardrobe. I went for absolute sex-bomb – every day- during the day. As time went by, my fascination for folkloristic, bohemian looks grew and my style became more sensual and elegant. As a hard worker it was also important to look and feel well at the same time – today I hardly ever wear high heels during the day – I want to be able to move fast. What always stuck to me and will always remain, is my strive for individuality and femininity. I don´t really care whatever trend is on, I’m Lena Hoschek – that’ my name, my personality, my look. It always was – it always will be.

What was your favourite part of the creative process for this season?
As always, it’s the search for beautiful fabrics. I love it. I love it. I love it. Did I mention I love it? Well, I love it – I do!

What got you into fashion design?
I started making clothes as a 3 year old. I made dresses for little teddy bears by cutting holes in old socks. Then Barbies and other dolls followed. I loved drawing – mainly dresses – there weren’t even people in the pictures – only dresses alone ; ) I always dreamt of founding a company, having my own label one day.

Are there any designers and artists you still look towards for inspiration?
I always look up to designers who keep up the tradition of craftmanship and Haute Couture.

What do you believe to be the difference between fashion and style? Where does Lena Hoschek fit in between these two?
Oscar Wilde put it very funny “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to change it every six months.” Style comes from within – it reflects your personality, it springs naturally, whereas fashion is an external influence, created by others. A trend is something short-lived and not always a good thing- think of printed leggings – ; ) Depending on your style you will choose to follow or not to follow it. It may not be long-lived, but it’s fun! You take it and put it on top of your style – fashion is there to inspire us, to entertain us, to fill our dreams. Wouldn’t it be boring without it?

When I create dresses I strive for sustainability, quality, I want them to be loved and cherished for a lifetime. I choose the materials very carefully and produce everything in Europe. I don’t care much for trends, I’m more vintage inspired. But twice a year I present a new collection, each one has to inspire and fascinate, tell a different story, so of course, it’s also fashion, not just a style. And if it’s even on trend – perfect!

Where do you think Berlin fashion week sits on an international scale? I mean, it’s very different to New York…
As a fashion metropole Berlin is just getting started – I think it’s going to develop very well! It’s young, creative, wild, but also spot-on in terms of business. It’s already super important in the streetwear sector, pret á porter will follow one day… the industry has yet to be built.

What is the future for Lena Hoschek?
We’re growing – the most important is to grow safely. I’m getting married this year and I hope to be a mother soon- the toughest challenge will be finding a work-life balance

And, if Lena Hoschek was a dish or a food, what would it be and where could we eat it?
It would be an amazing homemade christmas turkey with loads of tasty side dishes, great wine and fun and loving company. It’s classy and kitschy, down to earth yet somehow sophisticated, it has tradition and everybody loves it : ) hahaha


photos from Lena’s instagram and online boutique

Thanks Lena!


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