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  • Elara Josephine Blair

    Thank you so much on this true, image of a Narcoleptic, and how we feel, and how we are also judged daily!

    I really appreciate you asking me to do this interview, and i know others are also appreciative and thankful for spreading the word, and educating others on Narcolepsy!

  • Heidi

    This is an amazing well written article! It nails who we ( people with narcolepsy) are! Thank you Elara !!!!

  • http://yahoo Cindy

    This is an excellant artical about Narcolepsy. I’ve never even heard of the chemicls hypocretin or orexin. I’m grateful for this article that educates those of us that have taken the time to read it. It gives me a clear understanding of the disease and those that are dealing with it. Thank you.

    • Elara Josephine Blair

      No problem Cindy, i am glad you like it, Heidi did a great job on writing it.

  • sarah

    very well put. im going to share this on my page because I still have people close to me that just don’t get it.

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    • Carrie-Ann Burns

      That is just wrong! That is nothing of what Narcolepsy is, this is just sick you should remove your comment and ip address should be banned!