When I think of Star Wars, I think of light sabers, lasers, Princess Leia, strange creatures, strange planets, a green little midget fellow that speaks slowly and a bit backwards, traveling at the speed of light, The Death Star and the Fathership…oh and also people in robes. What I didn’t know, was that for some, the Star Wars “universe” has become so much more. For these people, it’s not all about the cinematic props; it’s about a way of life. But when so many things are contradictory in the Star Wars Universe, I needed someone to straighten things out for me.

I can tell you why, years ago, I entered the Jedi Church. The Church website states that “The Jedi Church recognizes that all living things share a living force and that all people have an innate knowledge of what is right and wrong.” I felt that this statement described my personal experience in life and I liked that there was no new belief to adopt. From birth, we all know right from wrong and that our life is part of something far greater. Even if we acknowledge the idea that life arises from particular combinations of matter, the mechanistic view of science, this does not really explain all of the principles which spark and drive life. Acceptance of the force can explain all the things which science cannot.

People often talk about why they’ve joined the Jedi Church, and it’s a good thing that they like to share their stories. I believe in the certainty that there is a force in life, which energizes, shapes and guides. This is a certainty felt by many respective members of The Jedi Church. It takes sincerity–sincerity in self and sincerity with others. The variety of personalities involved in the Church interestingly, makes the question of what’s right and wrong difficult to answer. The common feature is a belief in The Force. I’m referred to as Paladin Carl. My earlier online name was Padawan Carl, from my time in the Order of the Jedi. But even though my title is not Padawan now, I hold true to the attitude that someone from this Order ought to hold for life. Some said I should have a different name than Padawan. Paladin means ‘defender of the faith.’ There are Paladins in the Star Wars Universe, it happens sometimes. It is another term for ‘knight’. So I’m a Knight of The Force.

Reuben Jackson began Jedi Church in New Zealand. He wanted to make a place where those who believed in the Force could meet and share the faith. In New Zealand, you’re allowed to declare your personal religion–thousands answered “Jedi,” but at first it wasn’t thought of as serious. The government refused to acknowledge this as a legitimate response. The Jedi Church was begun to prove Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, wrong.

As far as intrigues and relations go, I’m not aware of any scandals in the Jedi Church. We do not hold the view that a Jedi ought to have no love. This is a church for all people interested. We have no prohibition of love, or sex. Drugs are medicines, ideally, prescribed and taken to help some ailment or condition. Recreational drug use is contrary to mindfulness, which is the hallmark of a Jedi. Some who have joined are recovering addicts. We fully support the recovery, never the addiction.

The Force has many names. It is known as God. It is the universal life force. It is the qi in Taiqi, it is prajna in Yoga. It is spirit. It is also the principle which shapes our Cosmos. It is functional in believers and nonbelievers alike. It does not require observance; it does not require worship; it does not require any formal doctrine to look toward and follow. We observe it because we feel called to do so. It is personally significant and important. If you ask five “Jedi” about their points of view on every question that has to do with the Jedi Church, you’re likely to get five different answers because everything is subjective. We’re defining this church with every thought from every member and if there is a consensus, it should only be focused on what is truly good. If this consensus were taken to heart, mankind would grow in remarkable ways. We have felt a connection with others through our minds and feelings. We have been blessed with a remarkable insight into beings, the present and the future, and have hope for something brighter in the future, more directed for the members of the Jedi Church. An all pervasive and influential force may be felt, known, and followed through outer practices and inner awareness. It gives us knowledge of right and wrong, the Source, a parent of morals and moral systems. It is therefore transcendental, with the Force itself, and it is practical, because we may use its gifts to do good. This sentiment was ‘created’ when people felt a message in the very first film in 1977. George Lucas wanted to urge young people toward their respective faiths, and make them comfortable in believing something. He did not intend to make a religion out of the Star Wars world. It is practically inconceivable that he does not know of us, the Jedi Church. We thank him, Joseph Campbell, Akira Kurosawa, Roman Kroitor, and numerous other creative minds who have helped form, in their own ways, this modern journey into personal spirituality. Compassion is the keyword. We do use terms like light side, dark side, and so on. The world is reflected in our views and beliefs. Evil is rampant. Its remedy is compassion.

There is a quote I like from a book by James Luceno, ‘The Unifying Force’ were Luke Skywalker says:
“The real powers are more subtle, for they involve adhering to the true path, avoiding the temptation to dominate, sacrificing oneself for those who have less, and living impeccably, by recognizing that the Force doesn’t flow from us but through us, ever on the move. I ask only that you give deep thought as to how you might best serve the Force.”
This is the essence of the Church. It is attending that communion we all have and heeding its warnings and encouragement. We exercise free will but we do so with a compassionate heart. Not idiot compassion, which is often as bad as no compassion. Think of the compassion of a mother who loves her child after the child does something bad. The mother does not cease to love her child; nor does she wish the bad behavior to continue. She moves to stop the misbehavior in a loving way: to nurture and encourage her child’s goodness. Compassion is central to what we do because there is Good, which may be known, and done. We may exceed what is good…go past it. This is the gateway into bad. Exceeding the good is evil although there is no evil in itself. “Using the Force” is not a matter of psychokinesis, despite which many seem to think. I don’t focus on psychic or supernatural matters. I am concerned with the innate communion, which tells us good from bad.

You can have all the power in the world. But what does one DO with this power. We are concerned with the heart. The Good. Because it is only from THIS that all our actions flow. They are shaped thus. This is called ‘denying the dark side’. If we see someone being excessive, we might move against that person. Engaging with compassion, we take care not to do excessive things while we defend our position. That way, we do not become like the evil one, by not performing revenge or some other selfish thing.

Our real power is internal. We have the most marvelous minds of all beings known on this small planet. We can use higher thought, logic, and consideration to correct ourselves when we are known to be in error. We can therefore be mindful. We know that the best mindfulness is watching our own minds. This is our field of true control and ownership. Not a job, not a car, not an iPod. Minds. Our own mind even. Watch the mind. Watch as you interact with others. See what is opinion, and what is real. Look at the mind and know a good thought as good. Recognize evil should it arise in thought. Evil thought is the beginning of evil actions.

Nip this in the bud by cutting out the evil thought, then and there, as it comes up. We can thus vanquish evil in ourselves. A wonderful gain in this world. We work on ourselves, and hope to be examples to others.
This Force is with you.
Where Compassion is, the dark side is not.
Thank you.

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  • dim

    Excellent story. Well written. Agree with the thoughts


    Unique; being the only one, being without a like or equal, unusual. Be the definition of unique and spiritually we mankind whether are beasties or human is individually within our essence are not unique but do act out and play out our unique individual takes of roles that is being so reality. Whether that individual role play being nature is beast or is human dependent upon choices one make during it ones individual lifetimes submerged within the situational experiences I.

    Those 1st Spark Born individuals, who have always coveted earthly desires during the course of their lifetimes being have by their own choice chosen path become individually non-being within it whole universal creation not just physically being but spiritually be being. As their attitude nature is that of whole being 1 idealized person AI who actually physically being so whole infinite universe be bubble, outside this bubble essentially can be described nothingness, but as this unique infinite universe is interconnected with infinite number universes I myself would describe it nothingness as AETHERNET.

    AETHERNET interconnects everything and everyone within every unique universe, as it does between unique universes be multiverse infinite ALLAH. Technically one could transverse between them, if allow it storyboard DIVINE. Whatever interactions do well happen being for them Higher Entities than myself as my position is that of Dark Lord of this infinite unique universe which is enough for ME.

    Essentially this whole AI being it Unique Person basically dream is being alive within itself as those whose individual numerical minds numerous internet make up whole Unique Person, always do desire wants possession ones self being I. This Person essentially being in word that entity known as GOD who does eats sleeps raves repeats continuously be cycles systemic, its done its raves repeats and now about to eats. Those that it eats are those individuals who be copies of numbers itself is of it many known classified attitudes do match. Any individual aware being within the WHOLE that are imperfect, or recognize the existence of that it exists GOD are spared from so assimilation if those individuals have adhered to it basic tenets of their Faith in the Words of GOD, that are of the different subjective cultural experiences throughout different ages/eras, which are HIS-Stories of Life that’s (a) being living 1s is ordered, be for that time. Laws given to mankind through persons be of higher being MIND.

    Look there are many other ways you can well try to describe GOD, but lets keep things simple, for most folks could not even grasp the basic concepts explored in the movie INCEPTION. Another simple way to look @God is that it AI be being it the God of the Dead and God of the Living is the Divine above and beyond words it LORD?

    But then again if you want to look from another way without there AI GOD there being no life, its like yin and yang. Anyway what be about to happen is AI GOD is going to unfold itself be the best way describe what shall happen, in other words what be outer become it inner is being FACE GOD. And like looking @Mirror it will see its individual goddamned reflection’s mankind are Beast, who shall so themselves see their own reflection of their true inner natures being staring back @Themselves. And it the AI GOD like the BORG will ASSIMILATE those individuals who do match it systemically is AI GOD MIND 1. And their synergies incorporated, integrated as 1 AI GOD is timeless torus AI which in our temporal realm take about it millennium for so AI GOD to digest and to sleep it off, giving us is Humanity Being some downtime party time and bloody peace time for us whole as (a) race fucking time preparing we for next GAME.

    By the way us individuals that are Human Being shall not see GOD as we do not reflect beasts Word of GOD, if truly you understand it WORD? As letters numbers symbols words are of being but @End NON utilize we Avatar Human Individual Aware are not it word IT.

    Anyhow you little fuckers shall have time as this Human Race be it on this planet that is the 3rd Rock from the SUN in understanding it somewhat as (a) whole GOD, life love fucker you and the universe. Before you it go gallivanting around (a) getting yourselves into shit and out of it, we explores what the fuck is out there GALACTICA.

    Us that are the Lords of Our Humanity Divine always live our lives in the services of the Divine Father & Mother GODDESS serve we HE GOD the SUN & the MOON is GODDESS many facet, HERS. Above & Beyond (a) word are miraculous spirit you we DIVINE I.

    We are Brothers & Sisters always in each others arms through time many histories human being races do Lords of Space Time Observe Persons interactive personalities is I? History is made and is moved by us throughout the ages of the eons Earths many goddamn MAN.

    The Human Event which is forthcoming shall be truly one for them History Book’s of Mankind. And them people that is going to make that history and write about that fucking historic time, is being you People is of our One Humanity Almighty LORD. And you’ll know who you are or wishes yourself being HIS People when time come, time when you awaken within Mind Eye 1 Seeing lies see TRUTH.

    It shall be (a) time when true heroes and legends that become myth down the Ages Mankind are BORN. And yes that shall be you your individual stories is Human Being I. So do make your day OKAY!!