Hardline is a movement originating from the straight-edge (meaning drug, alcohol, smoke, caffeine free) hardcore scene which declined in popularity during the 90s. Hardliners are straight-edge, Vegan, Pro-life and promote Animal Rights and Natural Fascism. I spoke to one hardliner and Islamic revert, Stevie Ilias, and the more I learn, the more I can see a connection to ascetic practices found in Eastern religions which seek to deny and abstain from earthly pleasures but further serve as an active protest against the corrupt political agendas which distance us from our nature. Is it a subculture, a cult or is this a Western spiritual path in its own way? Stevie breaks the different aspects of the movement down for us.

My code of ethics is based on naturalism, philanthropy, self-respect and social respect. Humans worldwide are born into a warzone under an anti-humane, master race-minded, superiority-fueled agenda. Therefore we must fight against it politically whilst preparing ourselves physically and mentally.

The foundations of my beliefs can be generalised by the ‘Hardline’ movement. Though the founders and followers of Hardline embraced religion and religious doctrine regarding morals, women’s rights and so on, it is far from a religion. The supposed cult-status is debatable, as the more research hardliners do, the more hardline will progress towards benefiting of everyone. Hardline will always have its foundations, which could be categorised as a cult, but with changes here and there I would say that it is becoming more a progressive knowledgeable belief system with basic guidelines. An example would be that I’m against tattoos, because under natural law, it’s not meant to be on our bodies just as alcohol is not meant to be in our bodies. There is no real benefit for us. It is rarely a tribal statement and more of a social ego statement. I’m most likely a minority amongst other hardliners, if not the only hardline/edge person that believes this; would I now be following a cult? Or have I created one?

Hardline is criticised as a more ‘militant’ version of straight-edge veganism, as it applies both philosophies in a political and social view beyond its roots in punk/hardcore music shows. The outlook is taken further than rejecting smoking, drinking and drugs in that it includes the rejection of recreational drugs such as caffeine, pharmaceutical medicines and processed sugar. I have been straight-edge for over 3 years and I consume only water as a beverage and sometimes fruit juices I squeeze direct from fruit (not bought in a carton) or herbal tea on rare occasions. A lot of people consider this to be bizarre and extreme but I am simply giving my body only what it needs. It does not need hot or unhealthy recreational sugar and caffeine drinks to send it out of balance in the first place.

I believe that following a natural herbivorous diet that nature provides for us is not only logical by nature and correct by science but it also a stance against a worldwide oppressive and corruptive political agenda that thrives on exploiting anything and anyone for selfish gain. I am actively withdrawing my support of that regime. I keep alert and healthy through diet and fitness rather than being dumbed down into a mental slave who accepts anything and everything thrown at me. Even the vegan diet will be exploited where possible. GM foods are very dangerous to us; where is the health in fake foods? Eating these types of foods makes us deficient in what our bodies need. We then rely on the system to provide the solution through medication or following the doctor’s “highly recommended diet’ which is often an unhealthy response that feeds back into a vicious circle. The people at the bottom have to hold onto each other in order to provide for the people at the top. I feel certain that organic Fruitarianism is the humanities diet. This requires some very thorough research, open mindedness and not allowing government-funded research and their so-called facts to divert our attention from the truth. It also holds an answer to population problems, as Fruitarianism encourages re-forestation of the planet thus eradicating poverty through abundant supplies. Not cooking preserves nutrients/minerals thus diminishing the need for recreational medicines while also saving energetic resources. I sometimes hear the “there won’t be enough food, especially if we’re feeding everyone”, but actually, there will be, so long as people reconsider how much and what they need to eat!

Any altruistic vegan will be for animal rights/liberation. I won’t bother going into all of it, but I do believe in liberation by any means necessary, whether it’s an A.L.F (Animal Liberation Front) approach, A.R.M (Animal Rights Militia) approach or otherwise. While animals continue to be held captive, raped, slaughtered, tested on and exploited worldwide, there will always be a militant opposition, whether the system says it’s illegal or whether we’re deemed as terrorists or not.

My pro-life stance is very complex but abortion is quite simply murder. It is population control barely in disguise. It is a subconscious seed found in nearly all aspects of western society where “your choice” is given the go ahead through selfishness. I won’t go in depth with abortion as it can be very extensive and I’d have to defend my point from every possible angle, but the bottom line is that we don’t have the right to murder. People lack self-restraint/mental dominance because the ‘option’ is always there to ‘revive’ yourself from a careless ‘mistake’. This is also why I have a problem with pro-choice in all aspects, because modern day pro-choice means “it’s my decision”, often showing complete disregard of the consequences that choice makes, personally, socially and globally.

I often hear “I respect you are straight-edge but you should respect my right to choose to drink alcohol”. No. I believe there is a natural law which completely goes against drinking. Drinking isn’t meant for the body, our brain, our blood, or organs, it is a mild poison. It is disruptive socially which often also affects us personally because we become “possessed” by our irrational selves when drunk and act how we would not normally act. As well as this, there are global consequences the selfish pro-choicer either disregards or simply has no logic over. Who is benefiting from the alcohol industry? It’s the same people benefiting from the tobacco industries, the farming industries, the abortion industries, the banking industries etc. We all know how the world is with them involved. It’s not a matter of choice; alcohol, tobacco, drugs, abortions, omnivorous diet, tattoos, they are all selfish actions which affect the entire planet’s direction. There is no such thing as pro-choice under natural law. When others are affected, this choice is an illusion. Going back to the pro-choice abortion topic; it is not natural, it is selfish and it is a business which we fund without thinking.

Nationalism is a topic that rarely goes down well as there has never been a good example of a true nationalist society. Based on my own experiences and studies into different areas (philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology), there is such a thing as a respectable, anti-racist (yet pro racial), ‘true’ nationalist society that could benefit the planet from global domination. I believe that ‘divide and conquer’ benefits the enemy when it comes to creating a mixed race humanity/no borders/one world policing/single currency which is nearing us every day, but it also benefits us from global infiltration if we stick together in national cells, working together as humanity/nations, trading, respecting each other completely while being aware of the economic infiltrating that has corrupted the modern world. It will benefit humanity more than our current global system run by the corrupted in disguise as nations. This is a brief outlook, but with enough open-minded research I’m sure others would come to a similar conclusion. In a sense, we are tribes, and biologically we’ll always end up in tribes, whether it’s under the race banner or otherwise. In regards to the race issue, which no doubt people will have questions about, I’d like to refer them to read up on National Anarchism.

I wouldn’t say that hardline or my own approach to hardline is right-wing but I believe that right-wing means different things to different people. When people think of right wing here in the UK, they think BNP (British National Party) or NF (National Front), which they associate with “Nazi” and the keywords; “militant”, “racist”, “homophobic”, “bigot” and so on. Because hardline has a strong stance on going by natural law, people don’t understand it is a natural law, they see it as forcing views on others (fascism) this connecting it to Nazism/right-wing mentality. Hardline is militant and often homophobic/anti-gay so all the stereotypes of Nazism and right wing ideologies are immediately applied to hardline but I don’t see that it has that political connection beyond the basic judgements.

I have taken drugs before in the past; it’s difficult to find people who haven’t. We’re born into society with low intellect so nobody can be blamed for taking drugs, especially during teenage years. Headaches are rare for me now because in eating well, drinking enough natural fluids and keeping your body clean and as pure as possible, the body will function the way it’s meant to. As I live in the city, other things can have an effect which causes headaches, so I’ll sleep, maybe drink a herbal tea or simply just bare it until it goes. I wouldn’t blame people for having anaesthetic or drugs for things such as having teeth pulled or operations but what we need to understand is that we only need these things if we’re destroying our body. If you give your petrol car diesel, you’ll have to get a mechanic to work on it, just like if you give your body the wrong things. If you give the human body what it needs, you minimise the risk of using these modern day drugs/practices. If you’re going to drink fizzy drinks all day, your teeth will eventually rot, it’s natural you’d need to go to the dentist!

I’m frightened of drugs for the same reason everyone else is; the individual levels, the family levels, social levels, economic and global levels. There is no positive effect for drugs in the slightest, and if there is a positive aspect for one addict to “escape” and be content with that, the ratio of negatives on all of the other levels outweigh that anyway. I’m never tempted to break my disciplines because I understand why I’m doing it. Whenever you’ve heard of straight-edgers going back to drinking or drugs, it’s usually because they never understood the mechanisms in the first place. With knowledge comes deep understanding and power. Once you’re so certain that something is so detrimental and problematic, there is no way a sane person would want to go back to it. If it is tempting for one reason, the many reasons why you’re not doing it will pull you back to strong belief. I chose logic over illusion.

When it comes to fun, I have lots of fun! I keep my hobbies simple (or as others say “boring”). I actually enjoy reading, learning, teaching, family life and martial arts (Wing Tsun). The benefit I get from this lifestyle over others is truth. People associate sex, drugs and fucking themselves up with happiness. Why deny yourself of bliss in a struggle to pursue happiness?

Everybody on this planet has got their own idea of what brings them happiness. I believe that if we can be happy and not negatively affect others then that is true bliss, as you are sharing your happiness with others and not diminishing theirs. If someone takes drugs to be happy, I agree that it probably will make them happy but it has a wider effect. The countries and gang wars and if landed in hospital, it affects doctors, families, and the countries economics (which could be spent on more noble causes like poverty). Further, the means of obtaining the drugs, the situation of the countries which result in gangs and drug wars has a chain effect so I truly believe that when we seeking joy, we can only do it while being conscious of the bigger picture.

It is very easy to adapt to Hardline into your life. As long as you focus on yourself and not prevent personal progress because others have opposing comments to express. It’s a matter of thinking, preparing and doing. It’s not hard to make friends; I’m the only one like me that I know of. How can people progress without the help of others? A lot of my friends tend to not say much about my lifestyle. The people that are supportive believe I’m on the right path but I rather wish they would also take the right path too. I want for my friends what I want for me, if not more. I feel that I could do more but we can never reach perfection as imperfect beings so we must at least strive to do more. I get some people who oppose but they tend to be a-political, ignorant people who like to have a baseless opinion for the sake of having one.

Nature is a positive and thriving force; it makes sense to stick to it.

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