Spelling words is, in essence, casting magickal spells. Each word you use, consciously or not, possesses the power to change reality and the way you interact with the world around you. Language is not just our means of describing perceived reality but how we affirm and create it. Dani Katz trains people on her Success Speak program to make every word they use enable their dreams to manifest and by choosing words to best align the speaker with their will.

Words ARE magick. Every word we speak vibrates at a particular frequency that has its own functions and roles. How we combine those words in service to the intentions infusing them is alchemy – a magickal practice of turning base metals into gold, i.e., dense, unconscious ramblings into the manifestation of our biggest, brightest dreams and visions.

Every bit of our man-made reality starts with language (and, according to the Bible, God created everything else; mountains, streams, volcanoes, ocelots with words, as well). When we imagine a building, a ballet, a coat etc. the ability to manifest these ideas into reality requires that we translate them from the ethers of inspiration into material form by way of our words. How successful we are in materialising these ideas is dependent upon how well we translate them, and how closely the words we use and combine come to reflecting the original idea. Once materialised, we name these things, thus affirming their existence and allowing others to acknowledge and benefit from their ‘is-ness,’ as well. These days, much of our reality is conceptual, framed by paradigms formed of group agreements (i.e. fear, competition, lack, love, cooperation), or the thought forms we use in reference to ourselves (I’m fat, beautiful, capable, lazy etc.). Every thought, every word uttered, written or emailed, they ALL contribute in a very real and direct way to the realities we inhabit and share. Nothing is superfluous. 

Given how invested people are in the 3D material world, to the extent that many of them no longer hold stock in the unseen world, the idea of how reality works has been maligned. Creating reality takes courage. It means having the confidence and the mettle to lay claim to that which we are choosing to create NOW, rather than waiting for it to show itself, and to then sign on to its existence. This requires faith and trust and courage.
Plenty of words spoken with real-deal, altruistic, humanity-adoring intentions are currently enslaving much of humanity to a frozen and disempowered status quo. Take Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It’s actually a very accurate picture of much of the world right now – filled with people “wishing” things would change, instead of choosing to embody the change they ARE seeing in the world, instead of having the courage to name the change, and thus claim it and invoke it. In choosing to rewrite Gandhi’s edict as “Be the change you ARE seeing in the world,” that confidence, that assurance in our triumph and in its current is-ness is the magick that invokes that change NOW, in real time.

I have always loved books and words, and the power they have to transport me to different emotional, psychological and energetic states. I don’t know if I was always adept at writing, after reading James and the Giant Peach at least a dozen times in a row, I decided I wanted to be a writer. As for communicating, I think it’s fair to say I, historically, sucked at it – specifically, the interpersonal pieces. Part of my drive to master conscious and empowered communication techniques was to help others embody them so that they could take the lead in our communications. I know- it’s a bit convoluted. As for using language to create my reality, magic became a driving force in my life several years ago. When I let go of a lot of alleged priorities that I hadn’t authentically cultivated, rather had absorbed through social programming, I realized that synchronicity, magic and manifesting miracles were actually among my highest priorities (along with laughing and creating with friends, and writing, and drawing, and floating on my back in water while watching the sky). As I spend most of my days engaging words, the words themselves started to show me portals and energetic pathways, and I started to see the energetic effects they were having in their exchanges. I was intrigued, and thus inspired to delve deeper into their mysteries, their power, and their magick.

I’m still in the process of mastering language so the lessons are still flowing. Thus far, it’s become a consistent presence-practice. It has inspired me to slow down enough to connect with each word being exchanged and mediakas allows me to see the consciousness, the intentions and the distortions infusing each one. This gives me an extraordinarily expanded understanding of interpersonal/group dynamics; what’s being said and why, and even what’s not being said, and why. In dealing with friends and clients who are deliberately and courageously choosing to evolve their consciousness, as well as their emotional intelligence, it clues me in – very quickly, and very accurately – to the shadows which are inviting transformation and transmutation.

My mastery of language has accelerated my conscious and emotional evolution. My relationships have improved in massive and immeasurable ways. I’m no longer enslaved to words that used to trigger me because I understand how to unravel those triggers. I can engage heated conversations with a clearer vision as to what is really going on behind the emotions. I now have tools to quell the charges, and to remain centered during otherwise stimulating exchanges. As far as magick goes, I consistently manifest extraordinary miracles by way of my words. The scope of possibilities I’m willing to consider and engage has expanded exponentially. I’m in a constant practice of shattering perceived limitations and achieving what others may consider “impossible” because I’ve removed those words and ideas from my life, and employ other words and ideas that allow me to continue to dream bigger and bigger.

I am able to connect with every word uttered and assess it for distortions – ways that it’s not aligned with the speaker’s actual intention; ways the word and groupings of words are sabotaging the speaker’s intentions and goals. Once we hone in on the distortions, we delve into the consciousness behind them. For instance, I was listening to a client talk about her new business. In telling me about what she is birthing, she used a lot of words that indicated a lengthy process; words that were slowing her down, that were putting a lot of distance between her and her achievements. The words used weren’t accurate. Rather, everything was happening much more quickly than the picture she was painting. The words clued me into her discomfort with the pace and her reticence to embrace her success. From there, we delved into those fears – fears of triumph and of speed, and unraveled those one by one. Once we got to the crux of the matter, she was able to close those gaps in her communication.

There are plenty of pitfalls that we all engage. I work with clients who are very clear as to what their goals are and what changes they are calling into their lives. Having honed in on precisely what they want and how to language it appropriately, they will very quickly shift to speaking about their goals and triumphs in the future – thus, pushing them away from their present moment. This is probably what I see the most; pushing our dreams away from us and into the future. This goes back to what I was speaking about earlier, how we must re-frame our understanding of how deliberate creation works such that we are confident enough to claim in the present that which we are choosing to create. As in, I’m so grateful for peace in the Middle East. I am so pleased with how creatively and gracefully peace is being brokered in Israel etc.

Once we grasp the habit of pushing off for tomorrow that which we are calling in today, which requires extraordinary presence and tenacity, and – usually – friends or a coach to help wrangle our attention back to our words, it has a domino effect that allows us to see the many ways that we are living for an imaginary future. This same thing applies to all of our language habits; assuming the worst, reticence, lack of confidence, seeking approval, distortions of will. Once we are attuned enough to catch ourselves engaging disempowering language patterns, breakthroughs occur. We are then not only present to the language habits, but we’re present to the FEELINGS and CONSCIOUSNESS infusing those patterns. Once we unravel those patterns, we bask in the freedom and lightness of unencumbered being, doing and engaging.

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