Desire is one of the most natural things in the world, and a person’s specific sexual preference is something that varies hugely from human to human. Some people find their own desires so unusual that they would classify them as a fetish. Often so sure that no one else could possibly relate, these individuals dare not tell a soul. Sensa Nostra talked to a man with a rather risqué relationship to women’s woollen sweaters. He shares with us the deepest secrets of his woolly desires.

Strangely enough, I’ve never been into woollen sweaters for men. In fact, I would always protest as child when my mother would try to get me into them. Sometimes I would give in and tolerate wearing them, but most of the time I won. However, there’s something about women’s sweaters – the thickness or softness of the wool perhaps – that turns me on. I like any type of woollen sweater, but mohair is my favourite. I can’t put my finger on what excites me about them; all I know is that it’s something that I’ve felt since the 3rd or 4th grade. First I noticed a girl in my elementary school wearing sweaters. In winter, she wore them for three or four days out of a five-day week. Then I began noticing my mother’s sweaters. It’s funny, but I found myself fantasising about touching her sweaters and putting them on and yet I was always nervous about her hugging me and having to come in contact with the wool. I think it’s because I was worried that my facial reaction would betray my wayward thoughts.

Then in high school, it started to get more intense. I began secretly trying on my mother’s sweaters and dressing up. I couldn’t wait until the evenings, when my parents would go out and I was left alone. Best of all was when they took a trip out of town. It meant I could move all of my mother’s sweaters into my room and pretend they were my own.

When it came time for me to move out, I started finally purchasing my own sweaters, secretly, on eBay. The couple of times I’ve bought them at the mall, I made sure it was around Christmas time, so I could say that they were for my sister or girlfriend if confronted about it. But no one ever asked. They were much more modern compared to my mother’s, but I kept them in a locked suitcase so that my roommates would never find them. I had one roommate who thankfully went to visit his girlfriend on the weekends, meaning I could have the entire place to myself. At one stage I had about twenty women’s woollen sweaters.

While I would never tell another male, I have contemplated telling an old female friend from college who I know would keep it a secret – though I would be extremely nervous. The thing is, she used to wear a couple of sweaters that I liked, and I would hope that she’d be willing to take part and let me wear some. Unfortunately, she doesn’t live that close and, besides, I don’t think she had a ton.

I’ve never had to come to terms with it my fetish, because it’s always been a deep secret. I’ve never worn them outside of the privacy of my home, except a couple of times when I wore a woman’s woollen cardigan while walking my dog. Even then I had a jacket buttoned over it so nobody could see; however, I do remember one instance when I ran into a female neighbour on the way to my apartment. We stopped and chatted for a while. When I walked inside, I saw in the mirror that my cardigan had been showing underneath my jacket the whole time. I have no idea if she saw, but the next time I met her she had a sweater on and asked me what I thought of it.

I haven’t really shared the full extent of my fetish with anyone outside Internet forums. It’s a fun place where I can share some personal stuff, but I wouldn’t meet any of them in real life. I often wish I could be open about it, but I feel weird. It’s too strange, and no one would understand. As far as fetishes go, mine is an unusual one. There are some people that want the feeling of being completely encased in wool. They’ll wear woollen pants, balaclavas, sweaters and mittens at the same time – so that every inch of their skin is touching the material. Some people are also cross dressers. My wool fetish, on the other hand, is accompanied by a desire for female domination. My deepest fantasy is to have a woman dominate me and force me to dress as a woman, in women’s woollen sweaters. Then she would take me shopping, or to a party where she and her friends would make me wait on them, make me their slave. Ultimately. I fantasise about being humiliated and forced to wear women’s sweaters, and I think that my circumstances would be considered even stranger compared to those of other people with wool fetishes.

The one woman I did end up having to tell was my wife. She thinks I’m crazy – but then again, so do I when I really sit and consider what it is. And then I have to laugh, because who really likes a woollen sweater so much that they consider it a fetish?

I first brought up the subject after we had been dating for three months. It was still summer and the temperature was averaging at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. While we were sitting on the sofa, she asked if there was anything I had kept a secret from someone. I decided to tell her right there and then, before we’d gotten too close or come too far along in the relationship. I knew that if it were a deal breaker, it would be a lot easier to handle it now rather than later. So I tried my best to reveal it to her gradually. I began by telling her that sweaters turn me on, but she tilted her head as though she did not understand. Then I had to explain that I have had a fetish for women’s sweaters for a very long time. She started laughing a little and then said, “You know, my two favourite things are sweaters and sweatpants.” I couldn’t believe my ears! Did she really just say that? She got up and left the room, returning a few moments later wearing a woollen turtleneck sweater. We kissed. It was not the type of sweater that I loved and craved, but she’d heard me and tried to give me what I wanted. Afterwards, I told her the type of sweater that I liked, and thanked her for making such an effort.

A few months later she went out shopping with a friend and on her way back she told me that she’d purchased a couple of items that I might like. I didn’t think much of it, but when she stopped by my apartment, she produced two sweaters that she’d bought. They were both woollen and very nice – not quite as thick as the ones I really go for, but I loved them! I had to remember that you couldn’t really buy extremely thick sweaters in stores; they’re sold on eBay by serious fetish knitters.

During that winter, I told her every time I saw a woman wearing a sweater I liked. She doesn’t wear them so often anymore, but I get excited every fall and winter in the hopes that she will buy some new ones.

And still, she has no idea of the extent of my sweater collection, and I don’t think she ever will. I’m very aware that she finds it unusual, so I’ve tried changing the way I talk to her about it. I told her about my fantasy of being forced into sweaters and dominated, but she won’t do that. So I asked her if she could just dominate me while wearing a sweater and she said she might, but it hasn’t happened yet.

So even with the support of my wife, I am left alone with my woollen desires. All I have are the forums. I think it will always be that way for people like me. We’re a very tightly knit community as it were, and we stick together.

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  • mohairdamour

    Quite same feelings & story… but if my wife kniited at the very begining when she understood at last why it turned me on & how much I loved to make love with her both together completly muffled in very hairy mohair… she never understood, told me I was a sort of “mohair pervert” & never knitted for us more flufy sweaters & accessories. Since I’m forced to hide my passion & get only lonely satisfactions in secret… & stay very frustrated.

    • oswal

      mohair tempts

      • cable

        I do my wife in sweaters every time we have sex. Even BJs she know to wear a thick cable knit acrylic sweater. These are my favorite, then there is angora, mohair and wool. I would love to work for a dry cleaner delivering sweaters to women. Guess what i’d do before delivering? That’s right sonk my dick into those sweaters under the clear plastic bag. I also have fetish for those dry cleaning bags! My wife lets me tie her up, tits to while wearing sweater and dry cleaning bag. I also gag & blindfold her with the plastic bag. Oh am I hard now thinking about this!!!

  • Panther

    My wife tried to understand but if you don’t get it …. you don’t get it. I get it and got it! Nice to find others that get it.

  • Dex

    I told my lovely wife About my fetish i20 years ago She accept iT for me , and when we have sex She is wearing thick fetish sweaters. Otherwise because of my fetish She don’t like te wear t-necks or other wool sweaters daily because of my fetish She don,’t like iT anymore in her normal live. But i understand i m a lucky Guy , haveing sex with my dream wife in my favorite sweaters. If you have questions or try experience let me know ” all THE best and stay wooly !

  • Dex

    Mail send to coltrui7@hotmail.com

  • Dex

    Message for Katherine Riedel , Nice Articel , IF you like i can tell you more about THE sweater fetish. There are à lot of these fetish lovers all over THE world.

  • mohairdamour

    I’m also a mohair addicted trying as often as possible to make love in & with, completly muffled in entire hairy cat suits sharing my fluffy passion with any same mohair lover… while my wife quite hates now my fuzzy attraction….

  • Parismaille

    Same fealing, Same fetish
    Afraid to reveal my wife how far goes my wool fetish !!
    I am lucky enough to have a wife that like to make me happy, wearing some time big sweaters…and i don’t want to take the risk to alterate our relationship by asking to much !!

  • I love knitwear_40

    Until about three years ago I had thought I was alone with sweater fetish and I just didn’t even know that it was a fetish. Then I found some material on the Internet and since then I know that I’m not alone. I love all kinds of sweaters and everything that is knitted, it doesn’t need to be wool. And of course the sweet combination of sweaters and bondage. About that time (three years ago) I started buying handmade knitted clothes: cardigans, sweaters, scarfs, even legwarmers. It is good because I found some people on the Net who could knit me, as thick as I want but of course not as thick things as we can buy on eBay or other fetish stores. My deepest desires are still not satisfied. Being wrapped and tied up in at least three or four layers of chunky knitted catsuits by three or four kind women. Sometimes when I’m alone I put on seven or eight layers of caps and tubescarves on my head. That’s the most and best I can do…

  • Alley Cat

    In my junior school years, I think I was ten at the time, my mum knitted me a grey aran cardigan. It had a round neck and eight shinny grey ‘fish eye’ buttons down the front. I didn’t get taunted for wearing it by my classmates surprisingly however I felt really embarrassed wearing it as It was essentially a girls cardigan with the buttons on the boys side. As time went on though I found the cardigan was having what was for me a strange effect on me. I got to like wearing it, it felt warm soft and cosy and I liked the look and feel of my buttons. Mum knitted everything in those days and she knitted me a similar navy blue cardigan.
    The fact is my fetish has never gone away and I still wear and enjoy cardigans to this day. High neck button through cardigans have gone in and out of fashion over the years, but I have built up quite a collection. I wear women’s lumber cardigans with big shinny coat type buttons, unisex, male fashion, and cardigans which have been knitted by a local wool shop. Most of my life is spent wearing jeans and a cardie and I like buttoning them my cardies different ways. I wear glasses too and I quite like my cardie and glasses look. The feel of the wool to me is out of this world and no feeling like it.