Spaced w. Dandy of the Grotesque

At Gormanstrasse 17, Prenzlauer Berg. Dandy inhabits an ever-changing and inspiring world, made manifest in the home of the dandy that offers all the exclusivity of a gentleman’s club, where each client is welcomed like an honored guest.

“Well said. Well dressed. Well made. Get spaced with the designer and founder Itamar Zechoval.”

12 table whiskey

1. Hey there, what’s your name (or nickname)?
No nickname everyone calls me Itamar

2. When were you born?
I was born in Tel-Aviv Israel

3. Who were you in your past life?
A magician in a travelling circus

4. What are you up to in your current life?
Trying to make a difference and let my ideas come to life.
I am a creator of clothes, costumes and ideas.

5. What are you really good at?
Making people laugh and (hopefully) inspiring them

6. What’s the first thing people usually notice about you?
Not so sure, had to ask around for that… maybe the style I dress in and my smile …

7. Who’s your nightmare customer?
Someone interested only in headlines and pictures

8. Do you have a fetish?

9. What, or who, would you date?
Definitely my wife, over and over again.

10. Where would you take your her?
Moonlight dinner and a walk on the beach

11. Which club could you be seen at?
I don’t go much to clubs anymore and when I did I used to be a more of an open air party kinda guy.

12. And ultimately, how do you contribute to the spirit of this city?
Hopefully in the same way it contributes to me, by introducing new ideas, not hesitating to try new things and keep exiting people I come across.


Thanks Dandy!

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itamar by andrew rowat