Spaced with SensaNostra

I have permanently lost the ability to know work from play. Thanks to our new section I am not only spaced during the nights, but also at work.

The beautiful and razor-sharp Gina Karlikoff went off to rediscover Berlin with a mindset that puts any equality discourse to shame. It is discriminating to consider physical spaces as spiritless material objects while we all know that they are as lively and unique as any human on the planet.

We continue our mission of giving a voice to the silenced by interviewing interesting places around Berlin, approaching them as the individuals they are deep in their heart.

The era of athropocentrism has come to its end and it’s time to get local. Big-up for the pioneers who married the Eiffel Tower and Berlin Wall! 2014 will be the year of Space Pride!

I am spaced and I am proud!

With Gina Karlikoff.

Big thanks and loads of love to you. <3 Get spaced with:

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  • Bagdat

    Gina is a G…….-enius!