The world of trav, trans and androgyny…a closed circle that is difficult for the average citizen to enter. But for a man expressing his bisexuality and looking for new excitement, nothing is better and more reassuring than the fabulous middle of libertinism that knows Daty92, libertine blogger, to begin with gay swinging.

I entered this world out of envy. Envy is the most important part of my sexuality. I have to feel desire on both sides. As long as a person wants me, she can have me, and that concerns men too. I was not born bisexual, I became one, and when this idea came to my mind I first had the wish to try it with transvestites. My case isn’t unique as a lot of men begin this way. They don’t feel gay and they are not specifically attracted to men but they are dreaming of a woman’s body with a virile member in the middle. My first time was easy in a brothel in Germany. I chose a Colombian with great breasts and feminine curves and we made a pact: she’ll first penetrate me and then we’ll change roles. I learned I was an active (meaning I like to sodomize) on this day.

In my mind and with my experiences, the difference between trans and trav is large. An easy shortcut would be to say that travesties are men looking for sexual partners as trans are persons who don’t recognize the gender that society tells them they have. As such, they are attempting through makeup and plastic surgery to redefine their body so that it matches their mind. This radical change is hard to live with. Just imagine the look of your colleagues, family, and so on after your breast are augmented and after your name has changed! This radicalization is hardly accepted because it is too visible. The only place where you are still welcomed and accepted remains the libertine world.

Here sex is the main denominator. Physical differences are allowed, but it remains a world of permanent competition. As a matter of fact, we also have scales. In a libertine sauna, where you have a greater chance of meeting trans and trav, you’ll be able to observe this hierarchy :
-First, women
-Then, transgenders and travesties
-Lastly, men
The explanation is simple; if you are a bisexual man who is still hesitating, it is easier to make love to a body that looks feminine than to a gay man. For normal couples, sex has a lot to do with desires and imagination. But when you go to the sauna or to the porn cinema with the sole purpose to fuck as many asses as you can, the more pleasant the person presents herself, the more envy you have to fuck HER and not another.

The other reason trans and travs hate women is that they don’t have to work to be feminine, it is in their nature. Do you know how much time a trav needs to transform himself into a woman? Wigs, make up, epilation, shopping, enema just to fake being a woman. Same thing for the trans: hormones every day, surgery and all the complications that it implies. As you may be curious, I’ll answer a question that I’ve heard a lot: how can a trans have orgasms once the penis is “removed”? Just like a normal woman because the penis is introverted in such a way, that the nerves endings are undamaged. How interesting is that for a man who likes to fuck pussy?

As a bisexual, I can fuck both men and women and I don’t look at the difference between gender. But you can ask yourself, what is the actual difference between fucking an operated trans and a woman? None. Except in the man’s head. How exciting is the behavior of a trans for a man! For a trans man, provocation and exhibitionism are his trademarks. In a gay sauna, they directly grab your dick saying, “it’s you I want, just fuck me hard!” It is pure bliss for men who like me, want to be desired.

I have to say that I’m an active and that is why I’m so appreciated in the middle. Of course, if you are not familiar with our world, you certainly don’t know the difference between “active “ and “passive.“ Simple: I can wind it up. The others can’t. I can put it in whichever asshole and the others offer themselves to me. In this particular world, I’m the king because I can fuck 20 different persons a day without cuming! I know it looks impressive but let me remind you that my pleasure is to give pleasure. In a gay sauna, for 90 passives, they only have a chance to partner with 10 actives. That means that actives have the power to choose who to have; we have the choice and we decide who we want to treat. We can pick out whoever we want. And in this case a provocative trav has more chance to be chosen than a normal gay, just by attracting attention.

As I told you before, I see a difference between trans and trav and I hope not to shock you when I state that travs just want to fuck. It is the conclusion that I have come to. The process remains easy to follow. They have no success as men, so they try as women. And it works, so they do it again, until they build a whole new person out of this. Men that are turning into women in order to bang are really injured persons. It is difficult to bear the fact that no one can’t accept you with your natural physique, with your own personality. So you fake it. You fake everything. That leads naturally to provocation. It stays the main point. I know this very interesting trav Nikita, who has been writing for my blog. When she is a woman, she acts like a real bitch. An interesting fact is that when she takes public transportation wearing a too short skirt so that we can see her balls and dick (an attractive look by the way) nobody is shocked or ashamed. Our society seems to be as closed minded as the dresses of Nikita are short when it comes to sex changing but not when it comes to exhibitionism.

In fact, for trans living like women, life is harder than life for a trav. A lot of my friends are still dreaming of the prince charming. Like every girl, they believe someone will accept them as they are. It is beautiful to see that they want to be normal women, even with their weaknesses. They are seeking love, but it isn’t easily found. I only know of one particular couple who found love: a trans and a trav. It is a beautiful story but it is difficult for them sexually speaking to find other partners. That is why every month I go to visit them and we spend the night making love in the basement. It is exciting because they have high needs and I can fulfill them both. But I’m just a sexual partner and when I’m gone, they keep living together, as a normal couple. That is why I think there is real love between them.

Another case of true love concerns a trav. A few are married, their women go to libertine clubs or saunas with them transformed because it is the fantasy of these couples to sleep with another man. In this case, it is also easier for the woman to be treated along with a trans because she can’t endure other men’s hands on her.

The world of trans and trav is my world because I always find what I want: to bring someone to heaven even for just a minute. I like to see their asses moving, asking for my dick to penetrate them. I like to hear them shouting because it is so good. I like to see them cuming with delight. This is the trans/trav world I know, and that corresponds to my philosophy of giving pleasure. I’m married, I have beautiful children but that can’t fulfill my sexual happiness. When you have at home “chicken, always chicken,” you want to try new exciting things. At the beginning with women, then with men. You end up realizing that trans and trav are just normal men looking for affection and interest. They are hurt persons seeking a place to feel accepted.

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  • http://daty92.blogspot.fr Daty92

    I’m the guy who has explained his own understanding of T world to Amélie.

    I’d like to thank her for the difficult job she has achieved resuming 90 minutes of conversation in this post.

    May I point out at least one small mistake ?
    T-girl are usually not welcome in Gay places.


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    Euhh êtes vous certain de ce que vous nous écrivez ?