Harry Potter is a household name and favourite children’s tale for many, but not all. One father we interviewed contends it is a glamorization of evil witchcraft and immorality, and it should be kept well out of reach from impressionable young minds.

Since its publishing, Harry Potter has found unimaginable success, growing into a worldwide cult, with children and adults avidly reading the series and watching the films. This consumption of such a blasphemous and sinful text has long gone unchecked by negligent parents, who seem oblivious to the evil lifestyle this book promotes. But it is time this was put to an end and people saw Harry Potter and his creator JK Rowling for what they really are. Pure evil.

The book is so obviously full of sin, I have difficulty understanding why it is so celebrated. It deals solely with witchcraft, the occult and other satanic practices! Yet it is labelled under ‘fantasy’. Even in her own reality the creator promotes a sinful lifestyle. Rowling became one of the richest women in the world very quickly, clearly having sold her soul to Satan himself, for her selfish gain of fame and fortune. She gained all these riches through perverting our children’s minds with evil ‘literature’ intended to turn them away from God and follow her on the path to Hell.

You may say that Harry Potter is harmless because it is a fantasy. But witchcraft and satanism are real. Wicca groups and other ungodly organizations exist everywhere and by letting your children read these books you are exposing them to the dangerous world of rituals, sacrifice, possession and other demonic practices. All of which are present in Harry Potter.

Along with promoting satanic rituals, Harry Potter and his friends advocate rebellious and immoral behaviour.Throughout the series Harry is involved in grand theft auto, disobeying authority and adults, bank robbery, identity theft, fights, and attacking others, including his own family! Just another example of Rowling’s underlying aim to encourage sin and immorality in the name of Satan. In any normal story this criminal would be imprisoned, not idolised and labelled a ’hero’. Do you still think this thug is a good role model for your children?

Furthermore this perverse book endorses homosexuality! Rowling has stated as fact that one of the main characters, Dumbledore the Headmaster, is in fact a wicked homosexual! Rowling, however cunningly, only disclosed this vile characteristic very late on in the series. She waited till our children were caught up in the cult of Harry Potter and were endeared to Dumbledore and then identified him as a good character before revealing his wickedness. His character advocates a sinful lifestyle, suggest to our children that homosexuality is OK and further confuses their morals.

It is time we shield our innocent children from these satanic books before they fall into the obsessive cult of Harry Potter worship. Sadly many have already fallen into Rowling’s lap and now fuel an interest in the occult, paganism and witchcraft, simply due to this book. They are blinded to the way of God and fall into the trap of idolising a satanic figure. If we carry on allowing access to and celebrating these books, our society can only fall into an immoral cesspit obsessed with satanic practices and all moral integrity with be lost. Take this warning and think twice before you let your children’s heads be filled with this ’harmless fantasy’.

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