Farewell to our first JTP

The end of our first JTP (Journalist Training Program) has come with a successful Magazine Party in the Berlin´s fantastic Loftus Hall Club. 

Our Special guests ranged from spiritual Oracles, sexy Burlesque Dancers, exotic Belly Dancers, Queerlesque Singer, stunning Experimental-Music Bands, and unforgettable Erotic Performers.

Those events are originally organised to guarantee a good time to our team and let their friends join the fun without cutting a whole in their pockets. Sensa Nostra Artists expose their art, Journliasts come in numbers, performers build the crowd and DJs finish it off with the Berlin deep house beats.

party sensanostra partysensanostra sensanostra party sensa nostra event sensanostra performances sensanostra staff sensa nostra singing

As the first JTP ended we also organised an Easter Reading, where our Berlin team exchange feedback on their articles before they go through editing and illustration. At this event, our content advisor Brendan McHugh made sure that we added some fun with a blind gift exchange game or a social easter gift social. This next photo is an easter gift we made for our loyal readers.

sensa nostra easter

JTPs of Spring 2014, you will be greatly missed!