Crystal Clarity – A Star Child’s Story

We’ve all met someone who seems like they’ve lived a million lives. Or a child whose intuition, understanding and emotional intelligence outshine those of many adults. We wonder why it it feels like certain strangers have the ability to see straight into our souls, or calm our nerves with a touch of the hand. To us, these people seem otherworldly, and sometimes… that’s exactly what they are. Sensa Nostra speaks to Alexandra Eh about what it’s like to be a Star Child on earth.

I was born to an underaged, single mother who much preferred partying to taking care of me, so my grandparents raised me. I feel blessed that they did, as I am often labeled an ‘old soul’. Although I wasn’t always aware that I was different in other ways as well, I found out early in life that I was very susceptible to absorbing the energy and emotions of those around me. Therefore, my surroundings in my younger years didn’t bode me well, as I acted as a sponge for all of the negative energy.

My family are all addicts and my father was never there, so as a young child I was very sad and depressed. I never expressed my sadness openly to other people because I didn’t want to make them sad too, but even so, I had trouble understanding why the people around me couldn’t ‘feel’ my sadness the way I could feel theirs. I could read people and comprehend them entirely just by absorbing their energy, moods and emotions—they didn’t have to say a thing—but it quickly became apparent that it was not a two-way street.

I knew what death was long before I had my first experience with it. I was probably about four years old when I started to see people in the room that others didn’t. My grandma said they were angels—and she was right, I did see a lot of angels, but as I got older and was exposed to the harshness of life, I began to see dark entities as well. Because I didn’t understand what was happening, these entities—dead people and demons—haunted me. I was frightened more often than not. I remember once, about a year after the visions had started, I was sitting in my grandma’s garden and a dark man approached me and whispered in my ear, mean, evil things. That was when I had my first thoughts of suicide; he was telling me I could make it all stop if I killed myself.

Things got even darker after that point. Although I had been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was an infant, for much of my childhood I was quite a healthy kid. But at the age of thirteen it was brought to my attention that my health was extremely precarious and that my condition was actually life threatening. Shortly thereafter, my body started to show symptoms of my disorder. My reality, in terms of my health as well as my surroundings, became increasingly frightening and my visions followed suit.

I found an escape in drugs, and actually felt that they helped me, at least in terms of quelling the visions. No more voices, smells, energies or emotions. It worked—I’d found a way to turn myself from sponge to rock. But as you can imagine, that sort of barricade is never a permanent one, and eventually another vision came knocking at my door. I kept seeing my sister, and hearing her call out to me. She had passed away a year earlier and the details of her death were tragic: she had become pregnant, been beaten by the father until she miscarried, and then was believed to have committed suicide. She was reaching out to tell me the truth, that she hadn’t taken her own life.

Although there was no doubt in my mind that I was communicating with my sister’s spirit, I still became very unsure about my mental stability. My next thought was that I should be admitting myself to a psychiatric hospital. I felt deeply shaken by the visions and was having an extremely difficult time understanding what was happening. I reached out to my step-mother, who, instead of committing me, took me to a psychic. The psychic told me that my ability to see and hear these things was a gift, that I was meant to be here and that I was here to help people. Something clicked for me at that point, and I realised it really was a gift that I was able to feel her energy and she was able to touch me in that way.

I stopped the drugs and changed my lifestyle, no longer wishing to shut out my visions and block the energy being thrown toward me. I learned, and learned to accept, a great deal more about who I am and why I’m here. Eventually I came to know and identify myself as part of a group of people called Star Children. Looking at my life in this way changed things for me a lot. I stopped being scared in the same way. Stopped running away.

There are three different categories of Star Child: Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow—I, myself, am a Crystal Child. I don’t have better words to explain myself, but to borrow the words of Nikki Patillo, Star Children “have been sent here from all areas of the universe to help the earth and the people on it. They possess psychic, spiritual, and other extrasensory abilities. These children will bring peace, topple corrupt systems, and shift dimensional consciousness in the years to come. They have come here on special assignment to assist in this rebirth into a higher dimensional earth.”

To explain the three subcategories briefly, Indigo Children came first, around the 70s, and have access to the gifts of healing and clairvoyance. Their auras glow indigo, hence the name, and they are able to use with ease both right and left sides of their brains, making them artistically gifted, technologically competent and adventurous.

Then came us, the Crystal Children. We are slightly more powerful in our clairvoyant and healing abilities. We get our name because we absorb energy and reflect it back. This can sometimes prove problematic, as we ‘feel’ things on a deeper level than other people do, so sometimes our reflections are out of proportion, and they can be overwhelming.

The Rainbow Children are the strongest of us all and we don’t know a whole lot about them, as they’re still very young or yet to be born. Whilst the rest of us are already some ways through our life cycles, having been on other planets and possibly earth before, Rainbows have no previous carnation. They come to earth with no previous karma to work through, and therefore are only filled with unconditional love and inexhaustible healing abilities. Rainbows pick their parents before they come. I communicate with mine even though she hasn’t been conceived yet, nor do I have any intention of bringing her here soon.

As a Crystal Child, I feel a great connection to other people and energies—we begin to move away from separation and ‘individuality’ and look at ourselves more as a collective consciousness. The physical world is a dream, an illusion that we project through our own mind. When we choose to wake up from this dream—or nightmare in many cases—that is when we become enlightened. We see only the hearts of one another, and that all our hearts are one.

No two Star Children are alike in our abilities, and some of us have special ones that are more pronounced than others. I’m an empath, and I channel energy quite easily—sometimes without much warning at all it will just happen. It could be the spirit of a person who has passed, or a reflection of an emotional state someone is in that needs to be expressed. I get anxious and very uncomfortable if I happen to be in a social setting when this begins. I often get anxiety attacks and become extremely self conscious, because frequently the reactions are not happy ones. Most times it comes out in words, sometimes in energy—I become transparent and allow it to pass through me, because that’s what I’m here for. When it’s simply energy, those who are ‘closed’ to it cannot feel it. For example, my boyfriend only believes in my abilities sometimes. I get boosts of healing energy for him all the time, but most times, if I were to say, “Here, take this”, he would shut me down. So I wait until he’s sleeping and do it then.

Stumbling upon the truth about who I am has been a blessing to me personally, but also I feel it’s important for me to have found my role in life, to help others. I’ve struggled at times to know whether or not I’m just crazy, but my heart always tells me the truth. It’s always right and it guides me to pursue my destiny here on earth.

Having said all of this, my family does believe I need to be committed, so it’s not all smooth sailing. They actually only want me around if I agree to be medicated. My birth mother has even tried to take control of my finances, believing that I am not “right of mind,” despite the fact I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself, and others. They don’t like hearing the truth, and when I channel in front of them they get upset. No one likes to hear the truth, because they are scared of it.

I’ll continue on healing and teaching awareness, as well as teaching others how to heal one another. Currently I’m studying to be a Chios Healing Master. Chios involves meditation methods and personal growth exercises especially designed for energy healers, as well as complementary care for serious illnesses. I want to heal others as well as myself. Being a Star Child, I know that the life I’ve been born into has been a necessary one, but also that my physical body is only a small part of what and who I am. Furthermore, if I can heal others, I know I can heal myself. I don’t really believe in disease.

The lives we live in the physical world are ones we choose ourselves: our dreams, dreamt by us. And I have a long life ahead of me.

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