Igor Jaksic is an architect whose ambition goes beyond designing his surroundings. After beating cancer, he made the decision to change his lifestyle completely. He switched to raw food, started practicing meditation and sun gazing, and modified his sleeping routine. The long list of changes, however, does not end here. He is getting ready for something even more radical – a voyage to Siberia, where he will spend time with shamans and learn how to cure his karma. His experience made him more sensitive to unhealthy urban habitats around him and he wants to contribute in redesigning their balance with nature. Aware of the fact that one man cannot change the world, he is telling his story and hoping that others will join him.

I was 27 when I was diagnosed with cancer. It came as a shock. My surgeon said that this was likely to happen to some old people, alcoholics or smokers, but I did not fall into any of these categories. I had two surgeries; I first had my tonsils taken out and then a part of the palate and all the glands to which the cancer had spread. Radiation therapy was prescribed afterwards, but I stopped it after receiving only the half. Chemotherapy is fatal, especially for your psyche. Not only it destroys everything exposed to radiations, but you feel nauseous – you can’t eat and even when you do, you continue to have the same awful feeling. I know I could have endured all this, but I asked myself – why am I doing all this since I don’t have to? Doctors advised me to continue with the therapy, some of them even warned me of a recurrence, but I did not think so. From what I saw, classical medicine knows nothing about cancer; they only know how to cut and irradiate you. I wouldn’t have waited so long to stop it, but having all those specialists opposing my choice, I first had to convince my family and my girlfriend that it was the best choice for me. So I decided to put an end to it and continue on my own way – with raw food nutrition.

I would say that cancer only triggered the transformation, and I gradually became more aware. I wouldn’t single out one particular thing that changed me, but it was a great number of details which directed me towards the right (or different) path. I already knew some things about raw food, but I obviously did eat meat and dairy products, and I liked them. The Vadim Zeeland’s documentary that I saw had a major impact on my decision to switch to a new kind of nutrition. I wanted to avoid industrial products and eat those products that no one could transform before they reached me.

As a matter of fact, the best thing about this diet is that there are not many rules – you should eat as much fruits as you can, a bit less vegetables, and combine it with sprouts, seeds and nuts, which provide you with the necessary portion of proteins. I do not see it as a diet, it is a lifestyle. If you choose to use it as a ‘quick fix’, you won’t have real results. In order to get the healing effect, it is necessary that you stop eating all processed and conserved foods. People cured themselves by shifting to raw food after doctors were unable to help them, and if I knew everything that I know now I would have never gone along with all that, not even the surgery. I was lucky enough that my girlfriend also accepted this and that we changed our diet together. We started by excluding meat, sugar, salt, all sorts of juices and started cooking things, instead of frying them before completely switching to raw food. It was a bit hard in the beginning; people in my surroundings found this ‘non-eating’ strange and worrying, but after four or five months I went to cancer screening and the results were negative – everything was clear.

I continued by implementing other things related to this lifestyle – I was always active in sports, but now I started practicing it more often and on a regular basis. There is a huge improvement in my physical performances. I used to be exhausted really quickly, after a game of basketball my shirt used to be completely wet, and now I don’t seem to get tired. The change is extraordinary.
I started practicing yoga which helped me with breathing. Meditation helps a lot too. I also started practising sun gazing. I worked my way up to 10 minutes, and I should mention that it also has many strange, positive effects. I read a lot about sleep, things that we all know about, such as that if you fall asleep before 11 pm endorphin is being released by pituitary gland, but people still find it shocking to hear that you are actually doing all that. I can now claim, from my personal experience, that the quality of sleep I get is much better. I used to sleep for ten hours whenever that was possible and now I get up roughly around 5 am. Sometimes I sleep even less than six hours, but the difference is immense.

I don’t drink alcohol, but only use ‘the plant of the future’, weed, which is a medicine. It cures over 300 diseases, including cancer and sclerosis, without any counter effects (of which aspirin has at least ten). Not only does marijuana numb the pain receptors, as it is officially proposed, but it also has healing effects. No wonder it is illegal in most of the countries since that would destroy 80% of the pharmaceutical companies. My girlfriend and I often make weed cookies, since by cooking it and extracting oil from it, you get many nutritious ingredients which you don’t get by smoking. THC group (and this goes for all of cannabinoid family) is made like a key for a molecular ‘lock’ inside of us, and it is the only plant of that sort. This is exactly why the experiences are so alike, why we begin to think differently after we start using it, and why trivial things become tiring. I honestly believe that it contributed much to my rising consciousness.

What interests me the most at the moment is work done by Lazarev Nikolajevich who lives in Russia and cures karma. My intention is to go to Siberia, visit a village there and spend a month with shamans who have been keeping their tradition alive for thousands of years. The time spent there is used for getting to know this ‘rural’ lifestyle and certain rituals which, among others, include meditation and conversation. The only way to prepare for meeting the shamans is getting real with yourself, being ready to participate in their activities, living and working with them. There is no wisdom without empathy. You have to be able to identify with other people’s feelings, problems and sufferings in order to get to the path of development.

Nowadays, there is quite a number of places out there where you can cure your aura by improving energy circulation through your body and chakras. Already there are cameras which can film your aura, and see the position of chakras in your body and how they are formed.

Science enabled us to see the meridians of a person’s energy which coincides with acupuncture points, and people finally started believing in old Chinese healing systems. We have obviously reached the moment in which science discovered things previously proposed only by some religions.

However, in order to be able to do all that, I first have to figure out the way to survive, or to live in a normal way, without having to work eight hours a day. I have to create something that will enable my living and still leave me with more time for the things that actually concern me. My goal is to contribute to connect architecture to sustainable energy, since nowadays hardly anybody thinks about energy efficiency and long term saving. The cities are growing and changing, but it is extremely difficult to influence those changes. What I find most disturbing is that these changes could be much healthier than they are. When you think about it – city growth is very similar to cancer and the behaviour of its cells. Cities are also unaware of the whole system and the way it will be affected. Some people really cannot see that, and some only want to keep things the way they are. And will things change? Well, I somehow believe that they will. I am definitely aware of the fact that you cannot do much by yourself but, in Gandhi’s words, if we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. My vision includes designing energy efficient houses and flats for people who come to my architecture bureau. This means decreasing energy consumption, including solar energy, LED lights, hooking all home appliances to computer, and so on.

Why is it so hard for people to change their habits? I don’t know. It seems that habit is too strong. People in the street or in buses and trains all seem hypnotized, performing mechanical actions, like an ant colony. They probably cannot change, just as they cannot stop smoking, although they know it’s a poison – and here’s where the story ends. For those who may be interested I would like to recommend all three parts of Zeitgeist (for absolute beginners), Klaus Dona’s research book “The Hidden History of Human Race” (Dona travelled around the world and found artefacts of amazing size and age, even challenging the theory of human origins), as well as books written by S. N. Lazarev.

It will probably take time for more people to wake up. Both scenarios seem possible – that we all choose ‘the right way’ or that we refuse it, so that everything ends without a happy ending. As far as I am concerned, I realise that I am still at the very beginning of something bigger, that I have to further develop and become more active. And in the meantime…I’ll be waiting for the revolution.

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